Handful of tickets available again!

4. 8. 2017
Miss Libussa - tickets

As a response to many messages we received today about ticket availability, we did some calculations, ticket cleanup (Miss Libussa donated those three she holds on the pictures) and thus:

A handful of tickets is now available for sale!

Since expanding the venue is not an easy task, we recommend to everyone, who really wants to come, to buy the ticket rather sooner than later.

Important announcement regarding tickets

4. 8. 2017
Miss Libussa - tickets

We would like to thank all of our attendees for over-exceeding our expectations for Czequestria attendance! It makes us happy to see so many of you looking forward to visiting Czequestria – it is a big motivation for us to make it as good as possible!

We are currently looking into the options on how to extend the capacity of the rented venue!

Within 48 hours we will publicly announce if we were successful in this venture and if the ticket sale will be re-opened!

At this very moment, the tickets for Czequestria 2017 are sold out.

Special guest from the machine realm: Sweetie Bot project

2. 8. 2017
Sweetie Bot logo

We are excited to announce the attendance of a team behind the real-life pony robot – the Sweetie Bot project! These guys are building a robot that looks and acts like an Equestrian pony.

Don’t miss the panel presentation where four team members: disRecord, mutronics, Renha and Zuviel, will tell you about the latest news of the project and answer the questions from the audience.

They will also bring a working prototype, so don’t forget to come to their table to give a brohoof to Sweetie! Here are a few words from them:

« Sweetie bot Project is a small team of enthusiastic brony engineers from Russia interested in ponies and robots and working together on the concept and realization of Sweetie Bot.

Our mission is to take advantage of high tech magic to bring ponies into life in the robot form. We believe that in the future humans and pony robots will be able to be friends and live together in peace and harmony. »

Be sure to check the http://sweetiebot.net and YouTube channel for the latest news and updates!

Also, the article about their current progress has been recently published on the Equestria Daily website.

Sweetie Bot photo
Sweetie Bot

Find out more on the Guests page.

Trotting here from distant land: Przewalski’s Ponies

26. 7. 2017
Przewalski's Ponies 2017; art by Velvet R. Wings

If you’ve already visited Czequestria at least once, you will surely remember the brony music band which comes to visit us every year and always brings beautiful songs to every pony at the con. This year we are proud to announce that Przewalski’s Ponies are returning once again! Now we’re looking forward to not just to listen to their songs, but also towards the reunion with our long-time-no-see friends.

Przewalski’s Ponies – Andy Feelin (bass guitar), 4/3 known also as Chord (guitar), and Velvet R. Wings (harp, vocal, percussion) – will present a new acoustic feature with the Celtic harp. Old songs, new sound! Also, Velvet R. Wings will perform her new songs by her solo project ILLUMNATION.

Find & listen to their music online at https://przewalskisponies.bandcamp.com and on YouTube.

You can also find them as @PrzPwnies  on Twitter, at https://vk.com/przewalskis, or Facebook.

Przewalski's Ponies 2017; art by Velvet R. Wings
Przewalski’s Ponies; art by Velvet R. Wings

Find out more on the Guests page.

From Ashes of Equestria, visiting Czequestria!

19. 7. 2017
The Overmare Studios logo

Only one month remains to the beginning, so it’s about time to introduce all the guests who will visit us this year!

We are honored to welcome those, whose name is not unknown to any “Fallout: Equestria” fan, neither to any regular Czequestria attendee. As in previous years, The Overmare Studios, well known for developing the computer game Ashes of Equestria (formerly named Fallout: Equestria, The Game) are coming to Czequestria!

From the whole team (consisting of many members), accepted the invitations: Aivri (Audio/The Wasteland Wailers), Dex (Programming and QA), Dolkar (Programming), Ansis Malins (Programming), Hamish Milne (Team Lead/Programming), Pickelhauben Pony (Design) and Adam Sporka (Team Lead/Audio/Wasteland Wailers).

You can look forward to new game development, fixed bugs, quests, and their in-game system and also well-known music from Wasteland Wailers band and many more! The panel will be hosted by Adam Sporka, Hamish Milne, Aivri, Pickelhauben Pony, and Dex.

You can find all the information about the new game at their website http://theovermare.com

The music from Wasteland Wailers (focused not only on Ashes of Equestria ) can be heard on Wasteland Wailers Soundcloud.Ashes of Equestria banner

Find out more on the Guests page.