Venue – KD Krakov

KD Krakov is a renovated community center and provides a great grounds for a convention-styled event. Czequestria took a place here twice already: in 2014 and in 2015. It also has great variability – more rooms allow us to include more activities alongside with the main program, so be prepared for workshops, music games and other activities! In case you want to rest a bit from a busy program, it has also a lot of space, where you can just talk to other attendees, talk together about the past events and plan for the future. Venue is also placed outside the busy center of Prague, so everypony can also rest outside.

In regards to the capacity of the location, an ideal case would be ~300 attendees. However, in case the tickets would get sold out, while the demand is still high, we can upgrade the capacity and enlarge the event dynamically! In fact, it would help us make Czequestria even better!

But still we are not planning to hit the sky limit for amount of attendees. We believe, that smaller conventions give more room to everyone to get in touch with each other. This way, you can get not just a awesome memories of the program, but also the thing that led us all to Czequestria in the first place: Friendship is indeed Magic!

Right opposite to the venue is a shopping mall with various cash points, food stalls, supermarket and also toy store, for those who can’t live a day without a new blindbag. For the summer months (also), a renovation of nearby park is planned – KD Krakov will be still accessible.

KD Krakov address (map, satellite view):
Těšínská 600/4
181 00, Praha 8 – Troja

In case of any questions, please let us know via email – thanks!