In order to ease up on some of your sweat during your visit, we’ve prepared this list of helpful sites and information on how to get around. And don’t forget: a towel is an important travel accessory, especially considering the fact that Czequestria takes place during summer!

If you wish to get around the country then the best site for public transport search is IDOS (to switch to English or German click the tiny flag in the bottom right of the window). On the same page, you may also switch to search in Prague’s Integrated Transportation (PID) system.


Public transport in Prague – basic information

Tickets can be purchased in vending machines (coins only, vending machines returns change) at most tram or bus stops and at the metro entrances. Some newspaper stalls and shops sell tickets too. More info on purchasing the tickets can be found at DPP website (EN, DE).

Tickets vary only in their validity period (30 minutes, 90 minutes, 1 day, 3 days) and can be used for metro, trams, buses (except AE lines from/to the airport), city train lines, funicular and ferries in Prague. The number of transfers does not matter – you can travel and transfer between lines and types of transport at will and as long as you have a valid ticket.

Ticket price is based on the validity period: 30 minutes – 24 CZK, 90 minutes – 32 CZK, 1 day – 110 CZK, 3 days – 310 CZK (discounted to half price for children between 6 and 15 years old, except for the 3-day ticket). For the actual and detailed pricing information, please visit the DPP website (EN, DE).

When you enter the public transport (or at the metro entrance), you need to mark the ticket correctly. There is a dedicated area on the ticket for this – the machine will print the current time there, so you will know if it’s still valid. Ticket is valid from then on for the full marked time (eg. 1 day ticket = 24 hours from the time of stamp). You mark the ticket only once – on the first boarding. When changing the lines, just walk through the door or the underground entrance. Multiple times and/or badly marked (as well as unmarked) tickets are not valid!

The page Find a connection (EN, DE) provides a search for the fastest connection within the Prague Integrated Transportation (PID) system, including metro, trams, buses, city train lines, etc. (you can also find specific timetables there).

Plans for public transport in Prague (EN) can be also downloaded in PDF and PNG format (useful in case you don’t have mobile Internet access).


How to get to the venue by public transport

The bus stop near the venue is called Krakov. You can get there by daytime buses 102, 177, 236 and 202, the night bus line back to the city has the number 905.

The fastest transport from the recommended accommodation places can be found on the Accommodation page.

For connection from other places use the links in the previous paragraphs or the following selected routes:

  • from the Václav Havel airport
    • Bus 119 > Nádraží Veleslavín > Metro A (green) > Muzeum > Metro C (red) > Kobylisy > Bus 102/177 > Krakov
    • There is also the Bus AE (Airport Express), which operates outside PID ticket system, is paid separately (it’s more expensive) and brings you to the top of main train station (take elevator or stairs on side). If you decide to use it, see instructions below.
  • from main train station “Hlavní Nádraží”
    • Metro C (red) > Kobylisy > Bus 102/177 > Krakov


How to get to the venue by car and parking information

Czequestria takes place in KD Krakov at the address Těšínská 600/4, 181 00 Prague, Czech RepublicPlease respect the “No entry for all vehicles” traffic sign in front of the venue.

Nearby parking is possible in the following locations: