The first “Czequestrian” from far, far away land!

As with anything complex, MLP:FiM was created by people of all walks of life. And thanks to these folks we’ve been able to experience the joy of this wonderful & mesmerizing TV show. And apart from the voice actors, it’s the script & lore writers that create the actual story for those characters. And even though there is now more than handful of those that have been involved with this show, there is only one that is quite more close to Czequestria than any other…

Without further ado, it is our utmost pleasure to welcome book & script writer and a person, that’s definitely no party pooper –  M. A. Larson!

Among the episodes that have been created by his pen for TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” belongs the highly acclaimed The Return of Harmony, Luna Eclipsed and Magical Mystery Cure. Apart from writting he just loves attending various conventions and thanks to this he has quite the fame among the brony community. And if catching him offline is difficult, he can always be found on Twitteru @M_A_Larson or be contacted via his web site.

Apart from writing the story scripts (of which he participated on eg. Foster’sMy Gym Partner’s a Monkey or Gravity Falls) he does actively develop his own book series called Pennyroyal Academy which is up for third part release on 22nd August!

Sadly due to these duties he won’t be able to participate in person (as you could’ve guessed from the picture above), but you won’t be spared of his voice as he will call in via Skype.

And why is Mitch A. Larson closer to the Czequestria than any other person on MLP:FiM crew? Well, the story begins 4 years ago in city of Paris, at the BronyDays convention. During the signing session he was handed the CZ/SK bronies flag and before actually signing it, he surprised us with a question when we will organize a convention in Prague! As we were quite astonished, we’ve managed to reply along the lines that we are preparing something and that we will surely send him an invite. This was actually a big nudge for us that has lead to creation of Czequestria, as a first Czech-Slovak brony con. So in short, he is the responsible person for making Czequestria a reality! Hopefully, one day, he will attend in person and stop avoiding us!

(OC image by Cwossie)

Cosplay? Cosplay show for everypony!

fancy_libussa_cosplayCosplay is a traditional part of any fan convention, including ours! So if you are thinking about creating a costume of your favourite character then go for it! It’s most certainly welcome and if you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry – it’s great fun!

No need for years of experience this time – The Cosplay show on this year’s Czequestria is open to anyone who will dress into a costume and become his/hers favorite Equestrian or Equestria inspired character.

For details, see the Information – Cosplay show menu. We are looking forward to see all your costumes!

Guests? Guests! The very first one revealed!

Guests of various art professions are the adornment of all bigger social events and this year’s Czequestria won’t be an exception.

We are honored to introduce the first of our guests: the Slovak VA known to bronies for giving her voice to Pinkie Pie,  Lenka Debnárová!

After finishing her studies at the university of musical acting she has been involved in dubbing as well as both radio and television moderation. Her voice brings many foreign characters to life, such as Padma Patil in Harry Potter or Stephanie Barnett in Big Bang Theory. Currently you can also see her on the biggest Slovak TV Markíza as a Weather reporter.

Besides her family, she also deals with horses in her spare time – certainly quieter than Pinkie Pie 🙂

Voice Acting in MLP:FiM example – episode S01E15 – Feeling Pinkie Keen in Slovak

(OC pony design by Cwossie)


Crowdfunding – a piece of virtual world in our reality

As the Czequestria is drawing closer to us in time, the digital boundary moves closer to our reality. And starting today everypony can get their own piece of virtual world in a real form: Crowdfunding to support Czequestria 2017 has just been launched !

The more pieces of the virtual world you choose to bring into your reality, the more events will take place on this digital spectacular weekend , and those memories will last longer! Because as we all know, all important data should be carefully backed up, ideally at multiple places 🙂

And what can you get from the digital world of Czequestria? Enter the portal and check out the Crowdfunding site


LARP info revealed

Are you excited for our LARP? Are you wondering what exactly “LARP” at Czequestria means? Are you thinking about attending, but still not sure if you can?

All your questions are now answered! Basic info about Czequestria 2017 LARP has been revealed – see the LARP section in upper menu.

For the detailed info (eg. where and when exactly it starts), stay tuned!

Vendor application is now open!

What would a convention do without the skilled merchants and artists who offer their goods and services? All vendors with pony-related merchandise are welcome! If you are planning to participate as a vendor, do not hesitate for long. The number of places is limited and – as being said – first come, first served!

Vendor registration ends on 30th June 2017!

All the information about vendoring at this year’s Czequestria, can be found in Information – Vendoring section.

Czequestria 2017: Ticket sale opens this weekend!

Impatiently waiting for ticket sale? Well, we are happy to announce that

Ticket sale starts this Sunday 16.4.2017 at 19:00

Check various ticket tiers in ticket section so you can choose one you want before sale starts. Be aware! The number of highest tier “Royal Route” is limited and they sell out very quickly so be ready when we open registrations.