Velvet R. Wings – Tones of hopes and dreams

24. 6. 2024
Velvet R. Wings - Winter elegance

Velvet R. Wings is a singer, songwriter, harpist and creator of the ILLUMNATION project that brought together musicians from all over the world. You may have met her previously as a member of Przewalski’s Ponies band, the voice of the real robot model of SweetieBot or even as a professional opera singer.

Her music focuses on the topic of fairy tales, hopes, dreams and life experiences from the point of view of a little pony: you want some dreamy folk? Sure. Symphonic metal? Velvet and her friends got you. Synth pop? They have that too. Come forth, tune your radios, and hear what they have to offer!

Mane in Green – Orchestral Storytelling

23. 6. 2024
Mane in Green - Winter elegance

Although her music composing passion is older than MLP:FiM itself, Mane in Green let her passion and creativity flow in the brony fandom too and since 2016 she focuses not just on the orchestral music for video games, but also the MLP-themed songs. Aside from composing, she studied musical theory and classical piano which gave her a solid background for any musical challenge she meets as she likes not just to play music but also to play with music creation itself.

Her compositions and songs are inspired by memories, dreams and emotions that mix together to stories narrated by the music. Let’s climb the mountains, sail the seas or fly to the horizon together on the wings of her music!

Blackened Blue – nu metal music alchemy

16. 6. 2024
Blackened Blue - Autumn Spirit

Blackened Blue is a nu-metal musician from Nottingham, UK. Since being inspired in 2016 to upload covers of Linkin Park and Prince Whateverer to his Youtube channel, Blackened has gone on to be featured countless times on Ponies at Dawn and Equestria Daily with songs such as Wrath, Infliction or Spark. Throughout the years, he’s written various bangers including All You Need, Danger Danger and Everfree.

In addition, since 2019, he’s been a regular performer at MLP conventions and events all over the United States and Europe. From HarmonyCon, to UK PonyCon, PonyCon Holland, GalaCon, Everfree Encore, and many, many more… he’s been melting faces, creating chaotic mosh pits, and delivering exhilarating performances that have left audiences wanting more.

He’s personally excited to be returning to Prague for another round of pure, intense NEIGHHEM!

Perrydotto – queen of auctions

13. 6. 2024
Perrydotto MLP OC 2022

Can you imagine Czequestria charity auction without Perry? Right, neither can we 🙂 because she’s the one who turns it into an awesome show by combining two of the best things from brony fandom – fun and good cause.

This traditional part of the brony conventions is always everything you DON’T expect: most paperwork, strict laws and processes in the background, but on the stage it’s live, fun and full of random and unexpected moments – and all our thanks for this part goes right to Perry! Whatever people donate, she can auction it! Be it a flag, beverage-themed creations, or a kiss from a famous somepony.

Aside from the world of auctions, Perry is a person of many talents: drawn art, voice acting and game streaming to name a few. Recently, she also made her voice acting hobby a professional career. Yay or chirp as you prefer!

Oh and… will there be a hat for sale? Maybe 🙂

Musicians application for Czequestria 2024 closing soon!

13. 5. 2024
Miss Libussa 2024 - info summer

Party and concert have belonged to Czequestria since its very beginning, and from there we try to gradually give space to everyone who wants to perform in front of a music-hungry brony audience. This year is no different.

What makes this year’s Czequestria different is the number of applications for the concert and party – although we are very pleased with the interest, we are forced to end applications a month earlier this year.

If you are interested in performing at a concert or party as a musician, please send the Program application no later than May 15th, 2024 (this Wednesday) by 19:00.

Registration for the rest of the program remains open until June 16, 2024, or until capacity is filled.