Perrydotto – queen of auctions

10. 6. 2024
Perrydotto MLP OC 2022

Can you imagine Czequestria charity auction without Perry? Right, neither can we 🙂 because she’s the one who turns it to an awesome show by combining two of the best things from brony fandom – fun and good cause.

This traditional part of the brony conventions is always everything you DON’T expect: most paperwork, strict laws and processes in the background, but on the stage it’s live, fun and full of random and unexpected moments – and all our thanks for this part goes right to Perry! Whatever people donate, she can auction it! Be it a flag, beverage-themed creations, or a kiss from a famous somepony.

Aside from the world of auctions, Perry is a person of many talents: drawn art, voice acting and game streaming to name a few. Recently, she also made her voice acting hobby a professional career. Yay or chirp as you prefer!

Oh and… will there be a hat for sale? Maybe 🙂

Czequestria tickets – blooming time is almost here!

26. 4. 2024
Miss Libussa 2024 - info spring

Have you also heard that some things don’t grow on trees? This is definitely not the case for tickets to this year’s Czequestria!

Spring is knocking on the door louder now, and on the biggest tree in Libussa’s garden, covered with new sprouts, the first blossoms are appearing. Some of them with strikingly large petals – will they grow into forbidden fruit? Who knows…

The opportunity not only to see the tree, but also to get one of the leaf tickets for this year’s Czequestria opens on May 1 at 7:30 p.m. on the Tickets page.

This tree in Libussa’s garden blooms and bears its fruit only once every two years, so don’t miss this opportunity!

The theme of Czequestria 2024 is all around us

23. 1. 2024
Miss Libussa - info

Czequestria is awakening!

The annual Winter Karaoke Party is behind us, spring gets closer step by step, so it’s time to think about the summertime before autumn comes again.

The theme of this year’s Czequestia is The Four Seasons

In all their diversity, spring, summer, autumn and winter come to Equestria just like they do to our world – in the same way and yet a little different each time.

Nature has countless surprises prepared for us, so let’s enjoy the nicest ones together at this year’s Czequestria!

Czequestria 2024 - banner with date (draft)
Czequestria 2024 – The Four Seasons
(art by Dyonys)

Czequestria 2024 – a message from the organization team

13. 9. 2023

The autumn marathon of European MLP cons is upon us, so before we all dive into the heights of entertainment, we have some long-awaited news for you:

Unfortunately, we have to announce that Czequestria 2024…

… lol, just kidding 🙂 of course it will happen! Did someone really think we were ending?

Czequestria 2024 will take place on August 23–25, 2024 and as in previous years, we’ll meet together in KD Krakov in Prague, Czech Republic – see you there!

Czequestria 2024 - banner with date (draft)
Miss Libussa in the river of time
(art by Dyonys)