Czequestria 2024 – a message from the organization team

13. 9. 2023

The autumn marathon of European MLP cons is upon us, so before we all dive into the heights of entertainment, we have some long-awaited news for you:

Unfortunately, we have to announce that Czequestria 2024…

… lol, just kidding 🙂 of course it will happen! Did someone really think we were ending?

Czequestria 2024 will take place on August 23–25, 2024 and as in previous years, we’ll meet together in KD Krakov in Prague, Czech Republic – see you there!

Czequestria 2024 - banner with date (draft)
Miss Libussa in the river of time
(art by Dyonys)

Charity auction – we didn’t forget!

18. 8. 2022
Miss Libussa 2022 - Moon info

It took longer this time, but we did it – the traditional part of My Little Pony con will be part of the Czequestria program again! And since the LARP starts already tomorrow morning, we won’t bother anypony with in-advance registration:

We will accept all auction items on Saturday (all day) and Sunday (until 1:00 p.m.) directly at the venue!

Detailed information can be found on the Program – Auction page.

Thank you for supporting our charity auction!

Accompanying events for the whole weekend!

17. 8. 2022
Miss Libussa 2022 - Sun info

What makes you visit conventions? Your friends? Sure! Guests and panels? Some of them… But most importantly, all the fun!

You might have already noticed slots for accompanying events spanning the whole Czequestria. We have prepared workshops, three musical games, free drawing and crafting, and we are also bringing back the tearoom − this time in a new, quiet spot in the basement!

The page Program – Schedule has been updated with annotation not only for these accompanying events, but for all of them, in case you want to get even more hyped.

Friday pre-party details

16. 8. 2022
Miss Libussa 2022 - Moon info

Three days left until Czequestria and four days until the pre-party. Does this seem strange? Maybe somewhere else, but our pre-party traditionally takes place in the evening after the Friday LARP, which is an integral part of Czequestria, so it actually fits. Or shouldn’t we call it a pre-party then?

But enough talking. Whatever we call our Friday meetup, the important thing is that we get together again and, unlike a weekend full of activities, we’ll spend some time together without any rush!

You can find when, where, and other details about the Friday meetup on the Program – Pre-party page.

Cosplay Show for everypony at Czequestria 2022!

14. 8. 2022
Miss Libussa - fancy cosplay

If one of your hobbies is cosplay, you might have spent your last weekend before Czequestria with finishing touches, repairs, and lots of hot glue. And while working, you might have been wondering whether you can show off your creation somewhere other than the corridors of the consite – maybe the stage during our traditional Cosplay Show.

Why, of course you can! And in case this is your first time cosplaying your favorite character, or you still only think about starting, don’t worry – you are going to love it, Pinkie promise!

Everyone is welcome to join our show, no matter their cosplay experience. We support casual cosplaying for fun, so no one has to worry to show up together with skilled creators – we all were beginners once and this is one of the best ways to start. So if you are at least a little bit interested, join the Cosplay Show and have fun!

Detailed information can be found on the Program – Cosplay Show page.

Czequestria 2022 – vendors overview

14. 8. 2022
Miss Libussa 2022 - Moon info

In the long run, only a few bronies would be satisfied with My Little Pony items, which you will find in every second toy store. After all, official production is aimed primarily at a different age group. And conventions are one of the places where pony fans can easily access MLP-themed art and crafts, which are not commonly available and made specifically for fans. Here you will find everything from original posters, mugs, and pillows to huge plushies.

The vendors’ overview for this year’s Czequestria is now available on the Information – Vendors page.

Czequestria 2022 schedule revealed!

12. 8. 2022
Miss Libussa 2022 - Sun info

The last week left until this year’s Czequestria is here, so it’s about time to publish the entire weekend program (the complete annotation, i.e. detailed descriptions of all items will follow soon). We believe that you will choose the best for you from all the events and enjoy the weekend both at panels, workshops, and the party, all in the company of others enjoying the same thing!

You can find the schedule on the page Program – Schedule accessible from the upper menu.

Tw3Lv3 – energy hidden in the party music

12. 8. 2022
DJ Tw3Lv3

More brony music, more party vibes!

Tw3Lv3 is a Belgian deer who joined the fandom in 2018 to share their passion, music. Known for their collab with PrinceWhateverer, General Mumble, 4EverfreeBrony, and many more, they make a lot of different genres such as Drum&Bass and Lo-Fi.

They’re also at the head of VibePoniez, a brony label that makes chill compilation albums and YouTube 24/7 radio. Their music might be chill, but you can be sure that they will pump you up with their really energetic set!

The Overmare Studios, welcome back!

11. 8. 2022
Ashes of Equestria - logo

The world of video games has been connected with MLP since the very beginning, whether it was commercial or community projects. The Overmare Studios is a group of fans from all over the world and with their Ashes of Equestria game project, they are regular visitors of Czequestria. You can look forward to seeing them this year too! In addition to news from the latest game development, there will also be an opportunity to ask your questions.

The game Ashes of Equestria is a free adaptation of the opening chapters of the Fallout: Equestria fan fiction, also inspired by the Fallout 3, 4, and New Vegas series. In the role of the pony Littlepip, you find yourself in the town of Ponyville and gradually discover what happened to your world after a devastating war.

MelodicPony in Memoriam project

11. 8. 2022
MelodicPony Tribute - logo

MelodicPony was a composer of symphonic music inspired by My Little Pony, known to bronies all around the world. In 2014, however, he suddenly died. His dream was to record the music with a live orchestra and the brony community wanted to make his dream come true.

After several breaks, new people took over the management of the project last year, determined to bring it to a successful finale and ensure not only the recording itself but also a public concert by a live orchestra, where the Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite will be played alongside other compositions well-known to the general public. And this goal is slowly approaching its fulfillment!

At the MelodicPony Tribute panel, Bori will tell you the latest news from the project, behind-the-scenes details, and also plans for the future.