Velvet R. Wings – Tones of hopes and dreams

Velvet R. Wings - Winter elegance
Velvet R. Wings - Winter elegance; art by Dyonys, edit by MesuYoru

Velvet R. Wings is a singer, songwriter, harpist and creator of the ILLUMNATION project that brought together musicians from all over the world. You may have met her previously as a member of Przewalski’s Ponies band, the voice of the real robot model of SweetieBot or even as a professional opera singer.

Her music focuses on the topic of fairy tales, hopes, dreams and life experiences from the point of view of a little pony: you want some dreamy folk? Sure. Symphonic metal? Velvet and her friends got you. Synth pop? They have that too. Come forth, tune your radios, and hear what they have to offer!