Photos and videos – shared memories (2022)

Here you will find an overview of photos, videos, and other materials from Czequestria 2022. We hope you all have a lot of wonderful memories from the con!

Our many thanks to everypony who made Czequestria possible after its 3 years break!

If you know or have any other photos, videos, or similar materials from Czequestria, please let us know – we’ll be happy to publish them here!

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From official photographers

The program, participants, and interesting moments – the best choice from all angles.

From attendees and guests

Competition photos from Friday’s “LARP”

We received many competition photos from Friday’s game around Prague, which we are happy to share 🙂


Promo videos and reports

Czequestria 2022: Sun vs. Moon intro video from Paint Swirl (showed at the beginning of the Opening Ceremony) and interview with a community musician Prince Whateverer.

Panels and party recordings from the Mane Hall

Recordings from the whole convention program. Annotations, including time indexes and download links for full-quality videos, can be found on Fang’s website.

Photos and videos from Twitter