LARP (2022)

LARP 2015 - river and bridges

Three’s not just a crowd, three’s a team, right? Well, what about a three-day convention? The traditional programme will, of course, take place during the weekend. However, if you have Friday to spare, we will have some more fun for you! As is our tradition by this point, we prepared a game of orientation/RPG/LARP/… for you. Call it whatever you want, but you’ll be turned into a pony for a day! What is it going to look like? What can you look forward to? What will you see and experience? Read on! But first, the theme of this year’s Friday event is… (drumroll please)

A bridge between generations!

Are you excited already? Nice! Let’s get to the details. We often call the Friday event a LARP which stands for Live Action Role Play and is often used for a game that takes place in a room or area. But this is not the case! You’ll be outside, feeling like a pony in Equestria. Will it be Ponyville? Canterlot? Briddlewood? Who knows! Thanks to the magic of storytelling (and friendship), you’ll explore Equestria as well as Prague.

The main points are to make new friends and to feel like a pony in Equestria for a day! You’ll encounter many challenges, use your new friendships to overcome them, go forth, and conquer any problems that may arise! Hopefully. Each challenge (checkpoint) will have its own NPC (stands for Non-Player Character) that will interact with you and help you. This means that our LARP is basically a real-life pony RPG! Outside, in Prague. The wonders of our capital city await you! This means that it is not a real LARP. It’s more like if you exchanged the virtual reality goggles for… well, ponified reality,

Sounds good? We sure hope so! In case you chose “Not attending LARP” during the ticket purchase process and you changed your mind, don’t worry: just send us an email to and we’ll edit it for you in the ticket system.

There are a few more details you might be interested in (or not). You will mostly be in the city, but if we can guarantee one thing it’s that the pony who planned the journey hates the concrete “wonderland”.  Also, you will be able to plan big parts of your journey yourselves – as we said, it’s an RPG. 🙂

Tl;dr? You will see Prague, you will feel like a pony and there will be enough grass for all the herbivores.

General information about the LARP

Start: Friday, 19th of August 2022 at 10:20 am
Where: in front of the statue at Palackého náměstí  (map); nearest public transport station is Karlovo náměstí (subway) and Palackého náměstí (bus/tram)
Ending time: at 7:00 pm at the latest (you can finish way earlier – see FAQ)
Afterparty? We will see. Please stand by. Thanks! 🙂

Before you attend, please read the Instructions and Details below!

For a detailed overview and more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

Instructions and Details

What should you bring along
We suggest that you pack everything you’d be packing if taking one day trip from the city to the countryside. That means comfortable walking shoes, enough water for the day (there are few places to buy it though), some food, public transit ticket (see the last paragraph), insect repellent… besides that, please bring your ticket (printed or show it on a display of your mobile device) and a pen.

Please check the weather forecast. The entire LARP is outside. In case of rain, don’t forget to pack a raincoat. An umbrella may come in handy too. We’ll have a limited amount of raincoats at the start location. However, it’ll not be enough for everypony, and we’ll have to charge you for them.

How to get to the meeting point
Take the B metro line (the yellow one) to Karlovo náměstí and while underground, follow arrows for Palackého náměstí. Or you can take a tram to the station called Palackého náměstí (there might be the word “nábřeží” in the station name – that’s fine, it’s the same stop).

If you’re not familiar with Prague’s transportation system, we’d suggest taking the tram. Detailed information about Prague public transport can be found in the section Transportation.

The time plan and how long the LARP will be
We’ll meet at 10:20, and you’ll be given some general info. Please don’t come before 10:00. After that, registration will begin. You will be grouped into teams. If you want to enjoy the game with your friends, you can come in groups of up to three people, and you’ll be merged with another group. No tearing best friends apart. (But at most three people, because, as stated in the first sentence, “three is not just a crowd, three is a team”.)

NPC’s will go home at 19:00 (or after the last team has visited them). Besides that, you can make the game last as long as you want. There will be main quests and sidequests which can stretch it. If you’re quick, you can complete the whole game in about 3.5 hours. But why would you wanna do that?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long the LARP takes from start to finish? Are we going to walk a lot?
When we say outside… We mean walking and exploring. The game will take as long as you want it to take, for example, you can start at 10 am and finish at 2 pm. Or you can finish at 4 pm, your RPG, your call! As for the walking – you should be able to walk at least 5km (3.1mi) during the game. However, most ponies fall in love with the game so they walk more and the most active ponies can walk up to a triple of that. Again, it’ll be up to you to tailor your own experience!

What do I need to know? What if my knowledge about the show is not so high?
To be able to enjoy most of our LARP, you should be familiar with the main characters of MLP: FiM, as well as Equestria Girls. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a hardcore fan or a walking library!

Do I need any form of cosplay for the event?
No. You are what you feel to be so all you need is to feel like a pony.

I’ve never been to a LARP before. Isn’t it going to be too hard for me?
No. This event is suited more for fun for everyone than a hardcore competition. You are going to play in small teams and the story with the tasks are suited also for beginners, so even if this will be your first LARP event, you will enjoy it.

Do I need a ticket for public transport?
Yes. Buy a day pass (or use a longer-term ticket/pass). That’s the most comfortable option which will cost you 120 CZK (buy it on paper in a subway station/in the airport or in the app Lítačka). You could get by on two 30 minute single tickets but let me tell you, it’s not worth it. Are you a minor or a Czech student with limited income? Consider a monthly pass for 130 CZK.
PS: It may not be the best idea to drive to the meetup point. Parking spaces are mostly for residents only and one hour may cost up to 80 CZK. So if you see a blue line, don’t park there!