Sadly, we do not live in Equestria, where rules and laws seem much, much more relaxed. Therefore we’ve prepared this list to keep everybody and everypony safe and sound while enjoying the convention!

These rules are applicable within the entire area of KD Krakov and may be changed without further notice. The attendees must read and respect these rules. Tirek didn’t and look where he is now.


Entry and tickets

  • You will be asked to present with the printed out confirmation of payment (including the barcode) for your ticket, as well as your ID (citizen ID, Passport – please note: driving licenses are not recognized as valid ID). Afterwards, you will be given your entry ticket that you should keep on you at all times.

  • Please wear the ticket (badge) visibly, thanks!

  • You may enter and leave convention with your ticket at any time during the program, no further checks are necessary.

  • It’s possible to transfer or cancel the ticket, but the deadline is 2 weeks (for Standard Gateway) or 30 days (for Fancy Portal ana Royal Route) prior to the Czequestria’s start date!

  • It’s possible to buy the ticket for somebody else – simply fill in the details of the ticket holder.

  • Children under 12 are admitted for free, however please tick the corresponding box and send email on to let us know how many will be attending (within reason – Fire and Safety regulations apply).

  • There is a limit of 1 ticket per ticket holder. Although it would be nice to have a millionaire pay for all of them, having a 1 person on the entire con would be rather… strange.

  • We reserve the right to cancel and refund the ticket in any case. Although we do not expect to ever use this rule, it has to be there for legal reasons so yeah, here it is.

Attendees under 18 years of age

  • CZ/SK bronies z.s., Czequestria or any of its staff cannot be held responsible for the behavior and actions of visitors that are inside the convention grounds nor for any injuries or damages caused.

  • Attendees under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/responsible guardian.

  • Attendees from 18 to 12 years may attend the convention without their parent or responsible guardian however, they will have to present a signed letter with the name and date of the convention and also the name with ID number of Citizen ID card of their parents. This letter will be required for obtaining your ticket at the beginning of the convention.

  • Form for admittance of visitors younger than 18 years of age can be downloaded here.

Behavior – keep it cool!

  • At all times, please adhere to instructions provided by staff or the volunteers.

  • Czequestria is a “family-friendly” convention – therefore no sexual, political, or otherwise inappropriate content should be displayed or featured. Breaking this rule will get you a swift ride out of the convention grounds and ticket removal without refund!

  • Although the venue will be our own bit of Equestria for the weekend, the laws of Czech Republic still apply and will be upholded. Breaking the laws will not be tolerated – this includes forbidden substances and symbols.

  • Bins will be provided for the rubbish so thank you for using them! (don’t wear them as a hat though!)

  • It’s forbidden to connect any electronic devices to power sockets without further consultation and permission from the staff.

  • If you have vendor pass, please do not sell goods outside of the assigned area or anywhere in venue if you do not have a vendor pass. Let’s keep it fair for those, who’ve paid and put lot of effort into it!

  • This event takes place in a conference hall so keep shouting to a reasonable volume and avoid running! Also, please refrain from eating in the conference halls and during the presentation, as well as keep your voice down so that the presenter can do his job!

  • Please behave in good manner towards the other attendees, staff and guests – explaining a problem in calm matter will get you further than shouting!

  • Any violent threats against guests, organizers or other attendees during the event or in advance will not be tolerated and may lead to the ticket removal without refund!

  • Guests and staff will need their rest so when they are relaxing, please don’t unnecessarily bother them.

Safety, Security and Salmon

  • You may use skateboards, rollerblades, scooters and such as part of cosplay. However, it is forbidden to use them as means of transportation.

  • Emergency exits must not be obstructed at any time. During an emergency, please do as instructed by staff and clear out the way for emergency services.

  • In case of fire, please let the staff and, if present already, fire services by shouting “FIRE!”. Do as instructed by the emergency services and don’t try to take on the fire on your own.

  • All lethal and nonlethal weapons are forbidden. This also applies to pocket knives, airsoft, paintball and laser guns or anything explosive.

  • Replicas of real, live weapons are not allowed, same for the explosives and fireworks of any sort.

  • LARP and save-to-use soft weapons are allowed for cosplay purposes

  • Staff’s rulings on safety is always supreme. If you are unsure with your cosplay accessory, please contact us via email or via website/forum to make sure, thank you! You are saving us and yourself time in the case that we would have to disallow entry with a dangerous item.

  • If you are found in possession of a weapon that is forbidden by the Czech Republic’s laws, we will be obligated to call police and resolve the situation. There is no point bringing such items to a Pony convention.

Food, drinks and all sorts of hay

  • There will be no paid-for catering in the venue available during the convention, but there is nearby shopping mall with restaurants and supermarket, just one minute away from venue.

  • Please do not bring your own food or drinks into the convention building – exception to this rule are home-baked muffins and cupcakes/cookies for showcasing your baking skills to others (including the sampling procedure 😉 )

  • Water in plastic bottles will also be tolerated.

General rules

  • Everybody and everypony is responsible for their own stuff.

  • Please try to follow rule 6-2-1: at least 6 hours of sleep, at least two meals and at least one shower every day. You will be able to enjoy Czequestria more and the other participants as well.

  • Use of any drugs within the convention grounds is forbidden. This applies to alcohol brought from outside and cigarettes too. Drunk visitors will be escorted out of the convention and will lose their ticket. For smoking, please use designated areas to not annoy other attendees! We would like to remind you, once more that all of the Czech Republic’s laws do apply on the convention grounds and breaking them, especially by consuming illegal drugs, will result in police call.

  • Water pipes/hookahs are also forbidden in the convention building. Electronic cigarettes are allowed – please use these only outside the halls with a program.

  • Any form of camping is forbidden. The building has its own security services which lockdown after us.

  • Live animals of all sorts including small pets are not allowed. Exception to this are guide-animals for people with disability. In this case, please contact us in advance.

  • The staff and the volunteers are here to help – do not hesitate to ask them for advice, help or to share a complaint. If an unusual situation occurs, please consult the staff rather than trying to resolve it on your own. Thank you!

  • Violating these rules may get you expelled from the convention grounds without a chance for refund or re-entry.

Data protection

  • All of the data provided to us will be used only for the purpose of this convention and will not be provided to any 3rd party apart from governing bodies upon a legal, jury-sanctioned, request.