If you want to experience convention as a ancient world ruler in Senator style with many rewards or you plan to stay within the crowd and attend with budget costs as a Citizen or thinking about the balance between both approaches through Patrician style, you are at the right place!

If you can’t participate in person, but want to contribute and get your own little piece of Czequestria, Explorer is the ticket for you!

For all those who like to get more in addition to memories and experiences from Czequestria, we also prepare crowdfunding campaign that will be available in near future.

We’ve did our best to price the tickets as low as feasibly possible to allow as many of you as possible to attend the convention without breaking your bit bank! We’ve also made sure that we are covered on our side while still being able to provide you all with lots of activities to do and fun to enjoy!

Time until the ticket sale opens



Beware – the top tier tickets Senator, are very limited!

Ciziten, Patrician and Senator tickets will be available for sale until July 31, 2019 or until sold out. After this date, only Last Minute Citizen (at a higher price than Citizen) and Explorer (for the same price) tickets will be available.

So if you want to save your bits, do not postpone the ticket purchase to the last minute!

Citizen Patrician Senator Explorer
500 CZK
(~20 €)
987 CZK
(~39 €)
sold out!
2526 CZK
(~99 €)
sold out!
270 CZK
(~11 €)
Saturday and Sunday con entry Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Friday LARP entry Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Conguide Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Lanyard badge Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Czequestria carrier bag Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Czequestria button Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Czequestria T-shirt Eeyup! Eeyup!
Nickname in conguide Eeyup!
Limited edition of Libussa figurine Eeyup!
A3 poster Eeyup!
Limited Czequestria coin Eeyup!