Photos and videos – shared memories (2015)

It’s been a while since Czequestria 2015 took place. There have been many memorable moments and joyful times that many will remember but also quite a few photos were taken and some hours of video were recorded! It would be a great shame to not share all of this with all of you and to relive the wonderful times we all had at Czequestria or to show to those, who missed it, that the next time they better check their calendars!

Once again, thanks to all who contributed in any way to make Czequestria 2015 happen!

In case we’ve missed some of the photos or videos, please let us know via e-mail, or via Facebook, and or via Twitter – we will be delighted to place them in the collection here!


From official photographers

LARP + weekend program (Michy)
Weekend program (Jamis)

From attendees and guests

LARP + weekend program (Wydec)
LARP + weekend program (Kato-San)
Pre-party + weekend program (404compliant)
LARP + weekend program (.zip archive) (houpe)


Panel recordings from the Mane Hall

Recordings from the whole convention program. Other videos and full quality download links, can be found on Fang’s website.

Promo video, LARP, and Saturday concert

Videos from attendees and guests – throughout the convention & LARP

Weekend program (Kluknawa235)
Weekend program | A brony-train going through the mall | Party (Decoy)
Violoncellist plays an MLP: FiM tune at the Prague Castle (Fang)

Photos and videos from Twitter

LARP Moments
Czequestria Moments