Shared Memories – via Photos & Videos (2015)

It’s been a while since Czequestria 2015 took place. There has been many memorable moments and joyful times that many will remember but also quite a few photos were taken and some hours of video were recorded! It would be a great shame to not share all of this with all of you and to relive the wonderful times we all had at Czequestria or to show to those, who missed it, that the next time they better check their calendars!

Once again, thanks to all who contributed in any way to make Czequestria 2015 happen!

In case we’ve missed some of the photos or videos, please let us know via e-mail, or via Facebook, and or via Twitter – we will be delighted to place them in the collection here!


Videos – Panel recordings (by Fang)

  1. Welcoming Ceremony
  2. World of MLP Comics – How the comics are made and all that jazz about them (Pony-Berserker & SzafaLesiaka)
  3. Stable-Tec studios – Fallout: Equestria, The Animates Series (jerry411 & DSC-GRAPHICS)
  4. Overmare studios –  the development of Fallout: Equestria, The Game and other projects (Adam Sporka, IvoryKeysADSR and Hamish Milne)
  5. Musicians – The Magic of Music – pony music of various styles (IvoryKeysADSR, Adam Sporka, DJ Aerial and Andy Feelin)
  6. Josh Haber The Interview – MLP:FiM script writer unveil secrets about our favourite show as well as EqG: Friendship Games
  7. Helena Brabcová – The Interview – regarding Czech dubbing of not just MLP:FiM as well as its various darker spots; the first ever meetup of Czech dubbing crew with bronies!
  8. Charity Auction – action-packed madness presented by Perrydotto with many unexpected surprises as well as record-breaking total of collected funds!
  9. Ending Ceremony – couple of words to wrap things up as well as many thanks and collective singing for the very end

All of the videos are available as a playlist Czequestria 2015

Videos – Przewalski’s Ponies concert

  1. Winter Snow
  2. Tabun

Videos – throughout the convention & LARP

  • by Fang (whole LARP from the very start to the end – POV team no. 3)
  • by Fang (violoncellist plays a MLP:FiM tune at the Prague Castle)
  • by Decoy (a brony-train going through the mall)
  • by Decoy (top moments from the whole con)
  • by Decoy (party)
  • by Kluknawa235 (top moments from the whole con)

Photos and videos from Twitter