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For those in a hurry: registration here.

PlushieCon will be for the first time in the Czech Republic, at Czequestria, for you to enjoy the convention of plushies – and your MLP-related plushie(s) can take part!

Why should only bronies have a convention? PlushieCon is the convention of the plushies – a unique chance to see ever so many plushies gathered together! You may have already heard about it or even seen it at other conventions such as GalaCon (where we had our 5th anniversary this year); Hearth’s Warming Con, Suisse Pony’s Con 2, and on numerous smaller events in Germany.

We may not reach the size of GalaCon, obviously – but a smaller PlushieCon is a nice thing, too, and pretty cozy; and still you can see the whole range of all the different characters, sizes, both handmade and industrial-made. And, as a little hint: Czequestria Guest of Honor, Elley-Ray, loves plushies 😉

General legal information

Contributing plushies for PlushieCon always is at the owner’s own risk. Although all precautions are taken and both Czequestria and PlushieCon assure each owner of treating his plushies with the utmost care, any liability is excluded, save for cases of gross negligence or culpable behavior by Czequestria, PlushieCon, or any of their staff members.


Each plushie needs to be registered in our system – just for it to be known to us so it can’t get lost. This registration will of course be available at Czequestria, but to keep the time you have to spend with the registration process as short as only possible, we strongly recommend online registration. If you’re not sure how many plushies you’re going to bring, better register too much than too few! There can’t be a “too much” at the registration – if at Czequestria you bring less or no plushies at all, that won’t be a problem! On the opposite, registering only on the spot will consume valuable convention time.

You will need the last three numbers from your Czequestria Ticket ID (czequestria1900XXX) during the registration! You can find it on your ticket.

Plushies just bought at Czequestria can (and need to, registration is mandatory for each plushie to become a part of PlushieCon) only be registered on the spot, that’s pretty obvious. But if there is a registration of at least one other plushie (maybe even a fictional one!), newly bought plushies can be just added to this registration – which will accelerate things quite a lot.

Before you can choose the number of plushies and enter their data, we have to ask for your ticket number – just because for us to be able to assign the plushies to their rightful owner if we need to do so. We won’t ask you for your personal data since we usually don’t need it at events with a ticket number registration such as Czequestria, the organization team has your data if we ever should need to get in contact with you.

When finished, you’re offered a two-pages PDF file that you can print out. We recommend to use it. On the first page are important numbers, the second page contains a “sheet with 10 ready-for-use-numbered wristbands for self-cutting”. You may find this pretty useful for the next step.

Numbers attached to the plushies (by their owners)

Before we can take your plushies, they need to have their number attached to them. Every owner is assigned a unique “Plushie Group Number” (PGNR), and each of his plushies (how many and exactly which ones we see in your registration) gets this very number.

Attaching the numbers to the plushies during the hand-in by PlushieCon staff turned out to be way too time-consuming in the past; generating numbers on the spot, getting them on the wristbands and our system resulted in too many mistakes, that’s why we changed to the actual system. Now, there’s one directive: No plushie hand-in without the number at the plushie! So, owners need to attach their PGNR to their plushies on their own. It’s entirely possible to do this in advance of Czequestria, still at home and without any hurry – this will, once again, save you valuable time during the convention.

To help you with that, we have page 2 of the registration PDF file – as you remember: it’s the one with the already filled-in PGNR numbers. You may now cut this page to 10 single wristbands and attach them without any hurry to your plushies at home.

Owners are asked to use the official wristbands (either the self-printed ones or those provided at the convention). The reason is that some plushies seem to be collecting their PlushieCon wristbands like festival admission badges 😉 but for us, it is very hard if a plushie comes with several different wristbands and numbers to determine which one is the valid number for the actual PlushieCon, we had to learn this during sorting the plushies on GalaCon Sunday morning 2018. Therefore, we can only allow for wristbands with PGNR in the actual design, so we can determine at the first glance which band (and thus, which number) is the right one for this event.

Please note: This does not apply if you’re a member of the PlushieCon Club (PCC) and therefore have your own personal PGNR number which doesn’t consist of just numbers but also includes one letter. These PlushieCon Club numbers can be attached to the plushie in any way you want, we just have to be able to read it. So, as a PCC member, you can continue to use your number badges, wristbands, or whatever, of course, just as we promised.

If a wristband is attached too loosely, we have to insist for you to fix that – for your own safety so it won’t fall off the plushie accidentally.

Some plushies have accessories like hats, plushie pets (e.g. Pinkie could have Gummy with her), and so on. To make sure you get back everything that belongs to your plushies, we have to ask you to attach your PGNR number to all those parts, too. That counts for all things that somehow belong to a certain plushie but aren’t permanently connected with the plushie – like accessories, plushie pets, detachable wings, a pillow for huge plushies, and so on – you get the idea.

Plushies just bought on the spot, of course, can’t get a number in advance. For registrations made during the Con (newly bought plushies or only just decided to participate), we’ll have the already known wristbands with a self-adhesive spot (provided by Czequestria). You may get them at our hand-in desk, write your PGNR on it and attach them to your plushie on the spot, but just as before, it needs to be done by the owner.


Hand-in opens on Saturday after Opening Ceremony ends and will remain open until 19:00 the same day.

For those who still need to register their plushies, we may have a terminal available there – or you just use your mobile device; at Czequestria, we’re working completely online. To answer any questions and offer help if needed, a team member of PlushieCon will be there.

Once you have your numbers ready and your plushies labeled, hand-in will be rather quick for you even with a greater amount of plushies. On our computers, we have a list of all registered plushies. For hand-in, we estimate each plushie if the PGNR is attached if there are any damages or dirt stains; we have a tick box scale where we just mark the condition the plushie is in when we get it – and that’s it, now your plushie will take part at PlushieCon in the evening!

Depending on how many and which kind and sizes of plushies we get and how much space is left on the tables, Team PlushieCon needs to reserve the right to close hand-in early.

PlushieCon event itself…

… will take place in our room on Saturday from 21:00 until 23:00.

You may take your photos and videos of all the gathered plushies as you want. Re-arranging plushies into different constellations is possible, but only by members of Team PlushieCon – please don’t touch the plushies on your own, just ask us, and we’ll re-arrange the plushies the way you want to see them. Also, obviously, no food or open drinks are allowed nearby the plushies – we don’t want to take any risk of a plushie getting stained, even if accidentally.


… will be on Sunday from 12:30 until 16:30.

Hand-out of plushies on Saturday is not scheduled and not even really possible because, before hand-out, we have to sort them after their big appearance on the PlushieCon. That’s why we can’t start the hand-out sooner than 12:30.

Please bring your number (page 1 of the PDF file or the data photographed from your screen – as you wish) for hand-out, we will need it there for one last time.

Each plushie owner needs to come to the hand-out and pick up his plushies in time on his own responsibility. Plushies that are not picked up in time will go to the Lost&Found of Czequestria and may be shipped to the owner at his expense.

And now: let’s get to the registration and let’s have another great Czequestria, with a PlushieCon for the first time!