Participate and perform at Czequestria

Miss Libussa - Events

Conventions are essentially the places full of fans looking for interesting stuff. We see it as a space for ideas and activities to bloom. If you have something interesting to show or tell the brony community, Czequestria is the place where you can! And to clarify the common misconception: being “horse famous” is not a condition here 🙂

If you run a community project or you are an artist of any kind who wants to present their own work (drawings, music, videos, games, stand-up comedy… literally anything) or you want to show something interesting to the community, we have a place and space for you to show up and shine!

Don’t you feel to perform on the stage, but still want to organize an activity or workshop for attendees? Let us know too! As being said previously, Czequestria is an opportunity to have fun together and we are all the same herd after all. We have a place for workshops and similar activities too.

Interested? Fill in the Application form and (at the latest) after closing the applications, we will contact you about the details. We are looking forward to see you at Czequestria!


  • MLP show or brony community-related content (i.e. relevant to Czequestria attendees).
  • Panels, workshops and activities must be held in the English language. Music performances are not limited by this rule.
  • All panels and activities must be in accordance with the general convention rules.

Party and concert applications are open until May 15th, 2024 19:00!

Applications for other program are open until June 16th, 2024 19:00!