Thank you!

Czequestria 2022 group photo; author: NitramBro
Group photo, Czequestria 2022; author: NitramBro

MLP moves from the fourth generation to the fifth, the Magic of Friendship stays with us and we meet again together – this time on the path of the Sun and the Moon.

Three years have passed since the last Czequestria. During that time, the world had changed beyond what we used to believe possible, and many doubted whether the next edition would happen: how many people would eventually arrive? Will there be interest in the fifth generation of ponies among bronies? Won’t some unexpected circumstances prevent us from having a convention? These questions kept many of the organizers awake during sleepless nights.

But the Magic of Friendship was again stronger than the troubles of the surrounding world, and so Czequestria became a reality again, despite all the difficulties. Many notes, that times and fandom are changing, and conventions aren’t what they used to be – certainly, no two events or years of events are the same. They may be similar in any way, but the experience will be different every single time, because as we change, so does the bronies fandom as a whole. In the end, nothing prevents us from enjoying the fun in the same spirit again and every time a little differently – perhaps the experience and memories from this event will fall among the unforgettable ones. Or from the next one 🙂 because as long as bronies have the desire to meet at similar events, we have the motivation to organize another Czequestria!

Recent years have taught us that it is necessary to live here and now, so the main thing here and now in one sentence:

Thank you all!

My thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s Czequestria! Although it may seem unbelievable, the whole convention has been prepared or helped by more than 80 people! They all contributed to the fact that Czequestria happened as we all remember it. I am honored to be a part of this team, that can organize such an event and make it to a successful finale!

Thanks also to all attendees, because in the end, without you who decided to come, the whole con would be meaningless.

Thanks to all guests for their participation and a great con atmosphere!

Robert Cullen – for the willingness to participate in his first brony convention, the revelation of the world of directing and preparing the fifth generation of My Little Pony, and also for the drawings both dedicated to the auction as well as those drawn with chalks outside.

Vendula Příhodová – for her willingness to participate in Czequestria until the last moment, even though in the end she was unable to participate due to illness. We are looking forward to seeing Rainbow Dash and Sunny Starscout in the Czech dubbing next time!

The Overmare Studios – to our traditional guests, this time represented by Ansis, for the Ashes of Equestria (Fallout: Equestria-themed videogame) news panel.

Bori – for the panel dedicated to MelodicPony Tribute and for all the work he put into this project. We are looking forward to the live concert in November and the following updates!

Verča Cosplay – for a panel dedicated to cosplay in all its aspects and also for a workshop where those interested could learn about the creation of cosplay from a more practical side.

Perrydotto – for the help with the unplanned panel about con organization and also the traditionally excellent auction show at the end of the whole Czequestria!

Thanks to all the musicians for the Saturday party!

Prince Whateverer and Ðeus – for a live heavy metal performance that many visitors were hyped for and couldn’t wait for.

DJs BlackIceMusic and Tw3Lv3 – for a dance party in the style of various genres, which made many visitors move their bodies all around the dance floor for the whole evening and was a great highlight of the Saturday program.

Thanks to all contributors and panelists!

Malte279 for a panel about unicorns and other mythical equine creatures surrounded by legends and myths, from which, among other things, MLP and the brony community get the inspiration. Also for the organization of chalk drawing near the entrance to KD Krakov, where the Czequestria took place.

Dyonys for a workshop dedicated to creating your own ponysonas or OCs, whether it’s a design for creative work or fanfic.

Stjonal for a workshop where everyone could make a little thing for a bigger or smaller plushie. Bowties are cool!

HouPe for a very popular workshop dedicated to decorating and painting 3D-printed ponies.

Light for a workshop dedicated to all those interested in artistic creation, specifically line-art, whether of ponies or other creatures.

THANKS to all that have helped during the preparations and running of Czequestria!

Melgarh – for the organization of the Saturday party, from the necessary equipment rental and preparation to the laser show on site. Also for inviting and organizing the visit of the VIP guest, setting up the bar as well as the My Little Rockband, and helping to organize the whole event whenever it was needed.

Tom0147for the organization of the whole LARP: from writing the story, planning the route, purchasing and transporting materials, through the preparation, printing, and completion of documents, briefing for NPCs, and the very start of the entire event on Palacké Square, to the evaluation of the entire game during the Saturday program. Also thanks for organizing the event entry on the weekend and for comments on the course of the event.

Wander Fox for the organization of the graphics team, for ordering the Czequestria merch both for tickets and for crowdfunding, as well as solving all the difficulties associated with this. Furthermore, for setting up and running DDR Trotmania, preparing the decoration of the venue, and also for preparing the conguide with almost limitless patience.

pipa943 and Pajzl for the organization of volunteers, from the recruitment, through communication, shift planning, and supervision of the event itself, so that everything goes as it should and people are at the right place at the right time. To pipa943 also thanks for overseeing the workshop room and for organizing as well as ensuring the transport of most of the material to and from the venue.

Antošík for all the organization of vendors and exhibitors, from application to planning and on-site troubleshooting, as well as the handover of merchandise to participants. Last but not least, for valuable legal advice any time needed and general support– this covers our backs, so we can all sleep more peacefully.

Fang –  for providing the hardware, preparing and operating the data network, including an on-site Internet connection, providing, preparing, and operating the live stream video equipment, recording the program from the main hall, and the recordings post-processing, so we all can see now what Czequestria looked like. Also thanks for your help in PR and general technical support.

MattK for the preparation and operation of the crowdfunding e-shop, the organization, and provision of transport within the entire event, and also for overseeing the program in the Mane hall for the whole Czequestria weekend.

Terry and AutumnBreezee for organizing the charity auction which is one of the most challenging events at Czequestria: from preparations to picking up donated items on-site and planning the event itself, to the final billing. Also thanks to Terry for help with event entry organization, ticketing, and merchandise handover.

Vojta (tydlitele) and d’Artagnan – for providing, transporting, and operating all the audio equipment in the main hall throughout the whole Czequestria: from the preparations that took several hours, correct setup and adaptation as needed, to audio recordings, constant supervision of the operation, and valuable sound and reproduction advice.

Aldar, DragonsCZ, Unit, and Dex – for the provision and operation of audiovisual equipment and live stream for the entire duration of the event. Also thanks to Dex for preparing and lending the hardware to My Little Karaoke.

FailovaCZ for the preparation and organization of the Cosplay Show, both before the event and on-site. Also for supervising the workshop room when he was not busy with other organizational activities.

TechnikTomCZ for helping with ticketing and preparing the decoration of the venue.

Claymon – for the transportation of VIP and community guests in perfect style, not only between the hotel and the venue. Also for his help with anything on the spot whenever the situation required it.

Nephalla and NX-306 for the organization of the tea room hidden in the venue basement and its complete equipment a quiet place to relax and a lot of types of excellent tea for all participants.

Cwossie – or grammar proofreading of most Czequestria texts in Czech and in English. Also thanks for the help with PR, and for moral support whenever needed.

Ithil – for preparing refreshments for the organizers and volunteers/staff.


To all graphic designers who make Czequestria much more colorful and decorated!
WanderFox – for leading the team of graphic designers, completing the conguide, finalizing the designs, as well as for ordering the merchandise, both for tickets and in crowdfunding.
Dyonys – for designing ticket merchandise, namely the t-shirt, the button for the Eclipse ticket, the lanyard, the conguide, and the draft design for the 3D figure of Miss Libussa for Constellation tickets; also for merchandise designs in crowdfunding, namely for the t-shirt, the button, the poster, and the mug. Last but not least, also for the design of the rollup, signs, diplomas, and many spontaneous materials for PR.
MesuYoru – for the designs of the ponysonas for the VIP guests, the button, and the poster for Constellation tickets, and also for the designs of the commemorative coin, the pint glass, and NickNack cup for crowdfunding.
Light – for flyer, roll-up, and plastic bag designs.
Melgarh – for the design of the background for the projection and the table cover on the stage in the main hall.
SteveLynx – for the design of the 3D figurines of Mis Libussa for the Constellation tickets and the printing of the 3D figurines of Mis Libuss for the workshop.
PaintSwirl – for the introduction video for Czequestria 2022.


To all who participated in the LARP organization and preparations!
Tom0147 – for the overall organization of Friday’s LARP and overseeing the whole event.
Starfooty, Aldar – for help with preparations.
Cwossie – for all the quick proofreading and corrections.
TechnikTomCZ – for the Discord bot testing.
FailovaCZ – for general help and support whenever needed.
Vojta (tydlitele) – for lending, transporting, and operating the sound system at the LARP starting point.
MattK – for help during the LARP itself and for taking care of the final point for all teams.

To all of the LARP NPCs!! (in the order of game path)
Light, Cwossie, Antošík and MattK


Thanks to all the staff at the convention!
Security overseers and guards of Czequestria – Fun1k, NPN, Nugget, Rainbow-Dave, Basillix, and QJmaster
Dressing room staff guarding the personal affairs – Quint t. W., Anemonis, Aya Yai, Ruushii, Light Bulb, Phil, and one anonymous volunteer
Workshops (creating with ponies) supervision – Dyonys, Alkel U3, HouPe, and Birdybird
My Little Karaoke (singing with ponies) supervision – Blossom, RainbowDerpy, Alkel U3, HouPe, and one anonymous volunteer
DDR Trotmania (jumping and dancing with ponies) supervision – Dyonys, Anemonis, helke, kočičkazuzik, Mia, Izzy, and one anonymous volunteer
My Little Rockband (playing in a music band with ponies) supervision – helke, Foxi, Krajkhour, Cornūequus, Jonny_brony, MrMaidix, and one anonymous volunteer
Sellers and issuers of all Czequestria merchandise – Flaiming, Anemonis, Alkel U3, IzV, and Autumn Breeze
Medics, always ready to take care of the health of the participants and the organizers – Pyro

Photographers who captured the events from close up and from afar!!
NitramBro – for the photos capturing the atmosphere and participants, both at the LARP and throughout the weekend!

Vendors and exhibitors!
Julunis14, Light’s Art, KikiRDCZ, Art N Prints, Dyonys, Ferra Craft, Mangamaus, Balychen, U Spikeova ocásku, PatchNpaw, PrinceWhateverer, Ponycon Holland, JellySiek, PerryDotto, and Tv3Lv3 – for a lot of fantastic merchandise, which we could buy and/or sharing their works and pony-related activities with all of us!


employees of KD Krakov – for willingness and support, whenever we asked for help or a change of plans.

My girlfriend Madeleine, as well as to all of the relatives and close ones of all the organizers, who were standing by our side till the end – for immense patience and nerves during the last 6 months when we’ve not been there for you due to preparations of Czequestria.

Lauren Faust, Bonnie Zacherle, and everyone in the MLP: FiM team as well as everyone in the MLP G5 team for series, movies, comics… and the whole for the MLP phenomenon that bridged all the obstacles and distances between differences, inspired millions of people around the world, and eventually led some of us to Prague to Czequestria 2022. Thank you – we remember that all of this happened also thanks to you!

One final THANKS to all the attendees! Czequestria would not be the same or even possible without you all – so please accept our thanks to all the people who worked on any part of Czequestria 2022!

– Jaroslav “Jamis” Haken –
Chairman of Czequestria 2022