Join the staff (volunteers) team

Miss Libussa 2024 - info spring
Miss Libussa, envoy of the spring
(art by MesuYoru)

Wanna join the volunteers at this year Czequestria, and contribute to the group effort that makes the whole convention a unique experience for everypony?

No matter if you want to join us for the first time or you are an experienced volunteer member – we are pleased that you are interested and looking forward to welcoming you to our team!

As an approved volunteer team member you receive a free Standard entry for the whole event (including “LARP”), a unique Czequestria t-shirt, and our gratitude for helping us make another Czequestria possible!

Note to avoid the confusion: in Czech convention scene (contrary to other countries), the volunteers are usually called “staff”. That’s why you can encounter two names (“volunteers” and “staff”) for the same team.

How to apply for the volunteers team

If you:

  1. are at least 15 years old,
  2. can speak at least basic English,
  3. are a reasonable human on pony being,

please, fill in the Volunteer application and we’ll contact you with details!