Libuše - hosté 2019


Libuše - hosté 2019

Guests of honor are the crown jewel of all conventions, Czequestria included: they are voice actors, scriptwriters, directors and others that work directly on the show, thus the conventions are a great opportunity for them to meet the fans of their work – as well as an opportunity for fans to meet people from their favorite show.

Aside the people who are directly involved in My Little Pony development you can meet various community guests like musicians, artists, animators, performers and also engineers from brony fandom. This creates perfect opportunity for everypony to meet & greet them! You can personally tell them your appreciation or maybe spark a collaboration with you!

Guests of all kinds (VIPs and community) will be posted on this page as their attendance gets confirmed. We can’t reveal all of them at once, but we can show some of them which are already confirmed and they are happy to see Prague and its beauties including local cuisines.

So… which guests are coming to Czequestria 2019?

Prince Whateverer – heavy metal and pop-punk musician

Prince Whateverer OC - transparentGuitarist, vocalist, and producer from the south-east coast of United Kingdom. Since late 2011, when he released the “Beyond Her Garden” cover (originally by WoodenToaster), his heavy metal and pop-punk music with a light electronic and acoustic flavor become popular among many bronies all over the world! His debut album “Rediscover” was released in November 2013 and he released three more albums since.

He performed at many conventions in the UK, Germany and the US – now he’s going to join us at Czequestria 🙂

Check his YouTube channel for a great music and let him know to his @PWhateverer account on Twitter how you like it!