Photos and videos – shared memories (2017)

The third and so far largest Czequestria is already a history. Memories and experiences of the weekend spent together are certainly something that is unique to everypony, photos, and videos on the other hand are easy to share with all others.

In case we’ve missed some of the photos, videos, or other related materials, please let us know via e-mail, or via Facebook, Twitter, or via this simple form – we will be delighted to place them in the collection here!


From official photographers

LARP + weekend program (Michy)
LARP + preparty | Saturday program | Sunday program (BlueStorm)
Weekend program (_TK_)

From attendees and guests

LARP | Saturday program | Sunday program (Ember Photography)
LARP + weekend program (Kluknawa)
LARP + weekend program (Fang)
LARP (RainbowDerpy)
Weekend program (BlueSquare)
LARP + weekend program + report (mutronics)
Weekend program (Nic0)
Weekend program (Loneless)
LARP + weekend program (Xeto)
Weekend program (Emmanuel Goldstein)
Weekend program + blindbag figurine decoration (Cookiemonster)


Promo videos, interviews, reports, and theme background in the Mane Hall

Panel recordings from the Mane Hall and LARP

Videos from attendees and guests – throughout the convention & LARP

LARP – just quack! (Fang)
LARP – team Babs (Vv4rn0vV)
Weekend program (Kluknawa)
LARP + weekend program (Dany)
Weekend program (DE) (Fabr0ny)
Con walkthrough (DE)Con walkthrough (EN) | Luna Works Animation Panel (bloopers) (Emmanuel Goldstein)
MLP movie unboxing (Frank Bouwens)
Con walkthrough + ending (DominikNik)

Blogs and written reports

Ahoi! | LARP | Czequestria (malte289)
Czequestria complete report (mutronics)

Photos and videos from Twitter