Miss Libussa 2022 - Sun info
Miss Libussa, envoy of the Sun
(art by Dyonys)

What would a convention do without the skilled merchants and artists who offer their goods and services? That’s where the vendors come into play! Even this year we have prepared a hall for you to sell and present your artwork.

All vendors with pony-related merchandise are welcome. This option is open for all Czequestria attendees as long as you and your goods follow the rules.

Applications closed on August 8th, 2022

List of contents

1) Information for vendors
2) Vendor rules
3) Obtaining the Vendor Pass

Information for vendors

This year, there will be two rounds of assigning vendor places:
The first round ends on the 30th of June 2022.
The second round starts on the 1st of July 2022 and ends on the 15th of July 2022.

For the first round, we guarantee 1 table (and up to 2 sellers) per one vendor registration, up to the total amount of vendor places available.

In the second round (based on the number of vendors) we will allocate the rest of the free tables to vendors that want more than 1 table. This is to ensure that if we had many vendors, we wouldn’t have to turn down anyone for the sake of others who offer a lot of goods.

New vendors will still be able to register until the 15th of July 2022, but there is a higher chance that all the tables will be already occupied.

The venue

Czequestria 2022 takes place in the same location as in previous years – KD Krakov.

The vendor area will be split into 2 areas: the primary (upper) area on the 1st floor (foyer of the Main Hall) in the center of the room around the 2 pylons which has 18 vendor tables available and the lower area on the ground floor (near the venue entrance) that provides 8 vendor tables.

Whether you will be placed on the first floor, or the ground floor will be decided by Czequestria organizers, but usually, the first to register will be placed on the 1st floor, so don’t hesitate too much with the registration!

What will be provided to you as a vendor

  • Table of size ~140 x 70 cm with a tablecloth and 2 chairs per table.
  • A power socket for low power consumption devices (laptops, monitors, lights, etc.) upon request (see the registration form). If you are not sure or have another device you want to connect to a power socket, please let us know via the registration form or later via e-mail.
  • Entry to the con 1 hour earlier than the official start (door opens at 9:00 am for vendors and at 10:00 am for attendees on both Saturday and Sunday).
  • Safe overnight storage in the room on the 1st floor (the convention building has its own security).
  • We don’t offer any special parking spots, but there are plenty of free options around the venue.

Vendor rules

  • All vendors have to comply with the convention-attendee rules along with the following vendor rules. All these rules must be respected strictly and without any exceptions!
  • You have to register, be approved, and pay a vendor fee to sell any goods during the convention. For registration, please use the form mentioned below. After the registration, we’ll contact you via e-mail about the approval and send you further details.
  • We offer our vendor spots for the whole duration of the event to keep things nice and simple.
  • All merchandise must be suitable for all ages, as this is a family-friendly event. Any adult content (i.e. violence, pornography) is strictly forbidden to be displayed or sold at the convention at all times. Failure to comply with this warning may result in removal from the Vendor Area, the revocation of Vendor status, forfeiture of vendor fee, or even removal from the convention. In case of doubts about whether you can or not do/sell something, please ask before, or during the beginning of the convention.
  • Pirated version of official merchandise is forbidden – that includes burned DVDs and CDs.
  • In case of the use of designs and/or artwork made by somebody else, you are responsible for obtaining permission from them. In case of need, you should be able to prove the permission on-demand from Czequestria staff (written permission, even in electronic form, online message). If you fail to comply, you might be asked to stop selling certain items, the convention staff has doubts about.
  • Please, do not offer to sell any merchandise with the CZ/SK bronies or Czequestria or its mascot (Miss Libussa) theme without prior approval by the Czequestria vendor manager.
  • Tax liability and legal obligations are solely on you. The organizers hold no responsibility for your taxes or legal obligations, if and how you have to pay or comply with them.

Obtaining the Vendor Pass

If you plan to be a vendor, do not buy an entry ticket for yourself and anyone you’ll be selling with. This year, the basic vendor fee will be 888 CZK, which includes vendor entry for 1 person and 1 vendor table. Vendor entry comes with the same features as the standard (Spark) ticket.

If you are not selling alone, you can bring additional persons to your vendor table(s), up to a maximum of 2 persons per table. This person receives vendor entry and increases the vendor fee by 444 CZK (this price is a bit lower than the standard (Spark) ticket which costs 476 CZK).

If you plan to apply for more than one table, then for each additional vendor table, the vendor fee increases by 500 CZK. In this case, please wait for the payment until we inform you about the results of your application for more tables.

The vendor fee has to be paid in one payment and can be paid by bank transfer (including SEPA payments) or PayPal (if there is no other choice available for you).

There are 2 steps to obtain a Vendor Pass:

  1. Register via Czequestria 2022 vendor sign-up form and wait for an e-mail approval confirmation.
  2. Pay vendor fee – detailed info will be provided in the approval email.

Why so complicated? We’ve to have everybody checked in to keep track of who’s in the venue, hence this multi-step procedure.

If you have any questions about vendoring, feel free to write us an e-mail at