Time plan

Miss Libussa 2022 - Moon info
Miss Libussa, envoy of the Moon
(art by Dyonys)

While we are still preparing and updating the Czequestria program, we would like to introduce the time schedule of the whole 3-day event. If you like to plan your visit early, the following overview will definitely come in handy!

Friday times are preliminary, but larger changes should not occur.

The detailed program timetable can be found on the Program – Schedule page.

Friday (LARP event and pre-party)

~10:20 – Meeting time for LARP at Palackého náměstí in Prague (map)

~18:00 – Pre-party begins (place within Prague will be specified)

Saturday (venue program – day 1)

10:00Venue doors open!
11:00 – The Opening Ceremony starts – Czequestria officially begins.

Panels, workshops, games running; vendor halls open.

17:30 – Panels/workshops end; time for dinner and getting ready for the party.
19:00 – Party begins!

23:00 – Saturday party ends and the venue closes (for today).

Sunday (venue program – day 2)

10:00 – Sunday program begins.

Panels, workshops, games running; vendor halls open.

15:30 – Award ceremony and charity auction begin.
Workshops/gaming rooms close.
17:30 Closing Ceremony Czequestria officially ends.

18:30 – Venue closes.