Thank you! (2017)

Czequestria 2017 - group photo; author: Michy
Group photo, Czequestria 2017; photo by: Michy

Czequestria 2017 – we join for the third time to fulfill the dream and make the common goal a real thing once again!

Two years ago, at the closing ceremony, we made a bold promise that Czequestria will return in two years. Some were disappointed, others did not believe it would actually happen. Because… how many conventions ended for good this way? After the organization started in 2013 and stormy years 2014 and 2015 it would be no surprise. Either way, the rest was more than needed. But the promise lasted, and so did the hope.

One thing is certain: much has changed in those two years. Some left, some joined and the world has also changed. But even if nothing stays the same for long, when it changes it doesn’t mean it’s gone (indeed). After two years, I’m happy to say that the rest was really refreshing and prepared us for this year’s events, which brought us a few surprises and definitely fall among the unforgettable ones.

Despite all the phrases, the most important thing is the easiest one to say:


Thanks to everyone who contributed to making Czequestria 2017 happen! Although the whole convention might look like the work of a few individuals, there is a team of dozens of people contributing their piece to achieve the common goal.

So, next time when you look back, don’t forget to remind yourself it was also your effort which has made this year’s Czequestria the most successful in its three-year history. And I’m honored to be a part of it with all of you!


THANKS to all the guests for attending and helping us make a 20% cooler convention!

M. A. Larson – for the panel about scriptwriting, including examples, using existing MLP: FiM episodes, which showed the actual “birth” of the show episodes, and for the goodwill to present it all via Skype as he could not attend personally. Last but not least, for participating as a guest of honor at the event he himself encouraged us to organize years ago 🙂

Lenka Debnárová – for showing us the world of Slovak voice actors, who lend their voices to our favorite characters and the patient answers to all our questions, not just about the voice acting Pinkie Pie in the Slovak language.

Radka Stupková – to our Surprise guest“ for willing to attend until the last minute. Unfortunately, it did not happen this time due to work responsibilities and a tight time schedule. We are looking forward to meeting our Czech Twilight Sparkle next time!

The Overmare Studios – to our traditional guests and friends for a news panel about the long-awaited computer game Ashes of Equestria (Fallout: Equestria) and for the years lasting willingness to visit Czequestria since its very beginning.

Deathpwny – for the 3D graphics panel that brought our imagination closer to the idea, how the pony models from space with an extra dimension in contrast to the show, are actually made.

SweetieBot project – for a pony-robot project presentation not only during the panel but also on the booth during the whole convention when everyone could see what SweetieBot could do and admire the results of the long-lasting development.

GrayDay – for a panel about comics and a willingness to make it via Skype. Looking forward to seeing you personally next time!

Promo Animation Team – for the promotional video of this year’s Czequestria – great one again as past years. Also for a panel about animations and everything that is necessary to create a pony animated video.

Perydotto – for the amazing finale of Czequestria in the form of a traditional charity auction, which not only created a new record amount of funds this year but also proved that when it comes to supporting a good thing, an event like this connects otherwise seemingly separate groups of bronies together.


THANKS to all of the musicians from the Saturday Party event!

Przewalski’s Ponies – for both well-known and also new melodies that always bring good mood to the party beginning.

The Wasteland Wailers – for the music of different genres for dancing and listening at the party.

DJ FrozenSound – for a dance party music, which almost caused the cladding of the convention site to fall. 🙂

DJ Joël aka Delta – for a music show, which was so hard to leave at the end of the first day of the convention.


THANKS to all that have helped during the preparations and running of Czequestria!

Melgarh – for MANY graphic designs seen at Czequestria, rollups, conguide; assembling the con program; preparing the evening party and related things, plus all the possible and impossible arrangements on the spot; moderating; buying and lending technical equipment including its transport; laser show … and a lot of other things I forgot since there were so many in the last six months! Organizational skills and experience from past years have proven themselves useful more than ever before, and so one special personal thanks for the overall (and very noticeable) reduction of the stress levels and the simplification of some organizational practices. He also has my admiration because he managed to organize most of his work from his new workplace in London.

Tom0147 – for everything related to Friday LARP – the theme, preparation, coordination, NPC training… whether it was a story, route planning, preparing the materials, it’s all his work, a great deal of time and energy he spent. Also, he’s behind the ticket and crowdfunding system, which was built essentially from scratch. Furthermore, for the organization at the con entrance, EET integration, the last-minute idea with the bar when the original plan did not work, and certainly many other things I also forgot, because he was definitely not bored for months before Czequestria.

Antošík – for taking care of the community guests, vendors, and exhibitors, as well as for the crowdfunding poster design, and free legal counseling that was needed more than we expected. My personal thanks for the occasional inadvertent moral support which helped me many times.

Pajzl – for staff organizing, vigilant security surveillance over the whole con, and advice on billing and taxes, because the bookkeeping of the whole event and the whole CZ/SK Bronies association is all his job.

WanderFox – for tireless searching for Czech voice actors; for transport, whenever and wherever it was needed, be it before, during and immediately after Czequestria, and also for a lot of the art which appeared at the con. For the perseverance, he showed many times when the tasks proved to be much more complex than they seemed to be, but he finished them anyway.

Latteller – for arranging the visit of VIP guest from Slovakia, preparing and organizing a cosplay show, panel moderation, and also for his final act that made this Czequestria truly “unforgettable” for all attendees.

Pidi – for on-site assistance whenever and wherever it was needed. Whether it was organizing, help with panel hosting, or moving things from one place to another. He was always willing to take any task that appeared just from nowhere.

Kája and AutumnBreezee – for everything related to a charity auction. From the bureaucratic preparation months before Czequestria, paperwork with authorities, the organization of the items collection, and the creation of the overview for the auction itself. Especially to ensure smooth run, items presentation, and final billing. All this was a great piece of well-done work! I bet it also pleased the recipient of the money from the charity auction.

Vojta (tydlitele) and d’Artagnan – for lending us most of the audio equipment, sounding the entire event from panels to music bands at the evening party, and also for arranging transport of a large amount of equipment to the convention and back. For all the time spent during the preparation, which made the convention, party, and some activities possible and patience while solving the problems and all the sound-related works.

Nephalla, light a Dyonys – for the preparation and organization of workshops throughout the Czequestria. Whether it was paper crafting, cupcakes, horseshoe, or blind bag decoration. The workshops are an integral part of the convention, although they are not seen as much as other parts of the program. They provide a calm atmosphere and an oasis of peace – all thanks to you!

Fang – for lending us the technical equipment, providing Wi-Fi coverage, and network connectivity for all convention activities. Also thanks to the video hardware for Skype call and Czequestria video recordings. Finally, for administering the Twitter account @Czequestria and a lot of help with the website.

Claymon – for equipment transport not only from and to Czequestria but also to rentals and other places whenever needed. Also for transporting guests, buying the necessary equipment during the convention at all possible (and often also impossible) times and willing help of all kinds whenever necessary.

pipa943 – for his help during the preparations and staff organizing – whether it was creating schedules, organizing people, or making necessary changes onsite. Also for supervising the staff service rotation throughout the entire convention.

xsoft – for lending the hardware, music games, and for unconventional decoration all over the convention halls (toilets included) and the game “Catch all the ponies!” with QR codes scanning, which won’t be forgotten by any of the winners. Also for technical and organizational advice before Czequestria. My huge thanks for all your moral support during the months before the con!

Tuxík – for the presentation of the book “Short stories collection 2015-2016” – the best from CZ / SK bronies.


THANKS to all the art & graphics designers who have made Czequestria more colorful and fancy-looking!
Aya Yai – for the wonderful design of Miss Libussa, this year’s Czequestria T-shirt design, and endless patience with our design requirements.
Cwossie – for the OCs for our guests, the Conguide front side, and other graphic works. Also for the @MissLibussa Twitter account administration, not only during the con-time, and numerous grammar works, including corrections of this text.
WanderFox – for many Czequestria designs, including the poster, buttons, as well as the tickets from Standard Gateway to the Royal Route. Also for the complete graphic design of this webpage.
Melgarhfor graphic editing, compositions, and all the conguide adjustments. Also for design modifications of any kind, whenever they were needed.
Dyonys – for the Czequestria crowdfunding mug design.


Thanks to all who made LARP possible!
Tom0147 – the author of the libretto, the route, and the chief organizer of the whole event. For organizing the place, technique and people. Thanks to him, this year’s LARP became another successful event under his leadership.

For text translations thanks to Pipa and Frolda. Furthermore, to Hankha, Jakluk, Kája, Vojta aka tydlitele for help with the preparation of printed materials for the participants and last but not least to Jakluk for the SQL hotline almost 24/7 and also to the partner in the car Michy.

Thanks to all of the LARP NPCs!
pipa (Twilight Sparkle), Frolda (Rarity), Jakluk (Rainbow Dash), Eli (Fluttershy), Cwossie (Applejack), Alkel (Pinkie Pie), Hankha (Cheerlie), Lattellerr (Maud Pie), Vojta aka tydlitele (Scootaloo), pidi (Zecora), Dex (Applebloom).


Thanks to all staff at the bar/buffet on the first floor!
Hankha, Jakluk, and Eli – thanks for taking care of all the hungry and/or thirsty attendees and organizing everything around the bar: from buying things to serving, providing technology, and solving problems. Coffee, food, and occasional desserts supply kept the whole organizing team on their feet thanks to you!

For any necessary assistance on the spot, thanks mainly to Kaja and Ithil. For drinks at the bar in all forms and tastes all night long thanks to Moontune and SleepyPony – it was definitely not just me who liked the various drink tastes!


Thanks to all staff at the convention!
Security overseers and guards of Czequestria – DragonsCZ, QjmasterCZAutumnbreeze, jensy007, sirMichael, Krajkhour
Dressing room staff guarding the personal affairs – Aya Yay, Quint-t-W, Ruushii, Tadashi, Icazo, Hankha, Anemonis
My Little Karaoke (singing with ponies) supervision – Fun1k, Rainbow Derpy, Mňau, houpe, sc@lix, IzV
DDR Trotmania (jumping and dancing with ponies) supervision – Krajkhour, WD, Dex, Flaiming, Mňau
My Little Rockband (playing in a music band with ponies) supervision – Frolda, Anemonis, MattK, Kaja, sc@lix
Virtual Reality (crossing the digital frontier… to meet ponies) supervision – Flaiming, MrMaidx, IzV, RainbowDerpy
Sellers and issuers of all Czequestria merchandise – HungZ, Flaiming, Antošík
Medics, always ready to take care of the health of the participants and the organizers – sirMichael, Autumnbreeze

The documentation team from EP!C TV!
Honzdir (camera, cut), Mathy (camera) a Verča (reporter) – thanks for filming on site. We are looking forward to seeing the footage from the event!

Thanks to vendors and exhibitors!
Cally, Red’s Pocket Ponies, U Spikeova ocásku, MANAD, D’n’A, Miya, Schimy, Squishy Cuddle, Bacci/GingerAdy/LocalScum, TyroPlushies, Torben Goltmunds Art ‘n’ Prints, Promo animation team, Perry, Telofy, SteveLynx, DeathPwny, Facepainting, Sweetiebot, ManicSculptor, Antosheek for a lot of fantastic merchandise, which we could buy and/or sharing their works and pony-related activities with all of us!


warden David Sekerka and employees of KD Krakov– for willingness and support, whenever we asked for help or a change of plans.

My girlfriend Madeleine, as well as to all of the relatives of all the organizers, who were standing by our side till the end – for immense patience and nerves during the last 6 months when we’ve not been there for you due to preparations of Czequestria.

Lauren Faust and Bonnie Zacherle for the MLP phenomenon and the series that bridged all the obstacles and distances between differences inspired millions of people around the world, and eventually led some of us to Prague to Czequestria 2017. Thank you and remember that all this happened also thanks to you!


One final THANKS to all the attendees! Czequestria would not be the same or even possible without you all – so please accept our thanks for all the people who worked on any part of Czequestria 2017 and I’m looking forward to meeting you at any of the meetups or MLP cons!

– Jaroslav “Jamis” Haken –
 Chairman of Czequestria 2017