The Volunteer team is looking for members – join us too!

11. 4. 2024
Miss Libussa 2024 - info spring

Nothing shows the community feel of con better than the organizers asking for help from the fans with running the entire event – no fan con could exist without volunteers and Czequestria is no exception. Whether you have experience from the past or you are trying volunteering for the first time, we are happy to have you on board!

As a member of the volunteer team, you will also receive free entry to the entire event (including the LARP), a unique Czequestria t-shirt, and our eternal gratitude for helping make the next Czequestria happen!

Information and application can be found on the page Join the staff (volunteers) team.

Program applications for Czequestria 2024 are open!

20. 2. 2024
Miss Libussa 2024 - info spring

Panelists, musicians, workshop leaders and everyone else who wants to come with their presentations, music and other activities: we look forward to see your ideas turning into reality at Czequestria!

The opportunity to hold a panel, organize a workshop, perform at a concert or organize an activity for visitors is again open to all interested parties – you can find detailed information on the application page.

>>> Program applications here <<<

The theme of Czequestria 2024 is all around us

23. 1. 2024
Miss Libussa - info

Czequestria is awakening!

The annual Winter Karaoke Party is behind us, spring gets closer step by step, so it’s time to think about the summertime before autumn comes again.

The theme of this year’s Czequestia is The Four Seasons

In all their diversity, spring, summer, autumn and winter come to Equestria just like they do to our world – in the same way and yet a little different each time.

Nature has countless surprises prepared for us, so let’s enjoy the nicest ones together at this year’s Czequestria!

Czequestria 2024 - banner with date (draft)
Czequestria 2024 – The Four Seasons
(art by Dyonys)

Czequestria 2024 – a message from the organization team

13. 9. 2023

The autumn marathon of European MLP cons is upon us, so before we all dive into the heights of entertainment, we have some long-awaited news for you:

Unfortunately, we have to announce that Czequestria 2024…

… lol, just kidding 🙂 of course it will happen! Did someone really think we were ending?

Czequestria 2024 will take place on August 23–25, 2024 and as in previous years, we’ll meet together in KD Krakov in Prague, Czech Republic – see you there!

Czequestria 2024 - banner with date (draft)
Miss Libussa in the river of time
(art by Dyonys)