Blackened Blue – nu metal music alchemy

Blackened Blue - Autumn Spirit
Blackened Blue - Autumn Spirit; kresba: Light

Blackened Blue is a nu-metal musician from Nottingham, UK. Since being inspired in 2016 to upload covers of Linkin Park and Prince Whateverer to his Youtube channel, Blackened has gone on to be featured countless times on Ponies at Dawn and Equestria Daily with songs such as Wrath, Infliction or Spark. Throughout the years, he’s written various bangers including All You Need, Danger Danger and Everfree.

In addition, since 2019, he’s been a regular performer at MLP conventions and events all over the United States and Europe. From HarmonyCon, to UK PonyCon, PonyCon Holland, GalaCon, Everfree Encore, and many, many more… he’s been melting faces, creating chaotic mosh pits, and delivering exhilarating performances that have left audiences wanting more.

He’s personally excited to be returning to Prague for another round of pure, intense NEIGHHEM!