Perrydotto – queen of auctions

Perrydotto MLP OC 2022

Can you imagine Czequestria charity auction without Perry? Right, neither can we 🙂 because she’s the one who turns it to an awesome show by combining two of the best things from brony fandom – fun and good cause.

This traditional part of the brony conventions is always everything you DON’T expect: most paperwork, strict laws and processes in the background, but on the stage it’s live, fun and full of random and unexpected moments – and all our thanks for this part goes right to Perry! Whatever people donate, she can auction it! Be it a flag, beverage-themed creations, or a kiss from a famous somepony.

Aside from the world of auctions, Perry is a person of many talents: drawn art, voice acting and game streaming to name a few. Recently, she also made her voice acting hobby a professional career. Yay or chirp as you prefer!

Oh and… will there be a hat for sale? Maybe 🙂