Czequestria 2017: Ticket sale opens this weekend!

9. 4. 2017
Miss Libussa - tickets

Impatiently waiting for a ticket sale? Well, we are happy to announce that

The ticket sale starts this Sunday 16. 4. 2017 at 19:00

Check various ticket tiers in the ticket section so you can choose the one you want before the sale starts. Be aware! The number of highest tier “Royal Route” is limited and they sell out very quickly so be ready when we open registrations.

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Czequestria 2017: The Digital Frontier

15. 3. 2017

Czequestria 2017 - banner

Walking along the edge of the digital world is our daily life nowadays. But we observe the thin line between our and the one-and-zero reality still from one side. How could it change our lives, when we decide to cross the digital border? What welcome would the digital Equestria inhabitants prepare for us?

Czequestria 2017 will bring us as close as possible – to the DIGITAL FRONTIER!

Czequestria 2017 - poster; art by Wander Fox
Poster Czequestria 2017; art by Wander Fox

Czequestria 2017 announced!

5. 2. 2017
Miss Libussa - info

To everyone a long time waiting for information about the next Czequestria and to all other visitors: we are proud to announce that:

 Czequestria 2017 will take a place on August 18. – 20. this year in Prague!

Get ready for traditional MLP themed Friday LARP which is going to be different this year: it won’t guide you to see the beauties of Prague as much as the last one but it’ll prioritize the Role Play part. Will you help Sunset Shimmer to solve a friendship problem? We’re counting on you!

Plus of course MLP weekend filled with fun, fans, guests, and entertainment of all kind.

Detailed information will be revealed in near future, stay tuned for official announcements on these channels:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague!