Details about Friday LARP revealed

13. 8. 2017
Miss Libussa - info

Just a few days left until Czequestria, so it’s about time to tell all attendees as much as possible about next week’s events.

All details about the Friday MLP roleplay game are now available in the LARP section!

Closure of bank transfer payments

13. 8. 2017
Miss Libussa - tickets

Important announcement about bank transfer payments!

  • If you still don’t have your ticket and you want to pay it via bank transfer, do so now! 
  • The option to pay via bank transfer will be disabled tonight and only PayPal payments will be possible.
  • Orders via bank transfer must be paid until Wednesday. All unpaid orders via bank transfer will be canceled on Wednesday evening!

In case of questions, please let us know to email

Promovideo released!

10. 8. 2017

Welcome to the digital space of Czequestria! Do you join the game with us? Less than a week now remains to Czequestria 2017: a weekend filled with fun on the verge of the digital and real-world, ponies, and meeting bronies from all around Europe.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

All thanks for the promo to the animation and VA team!

DSC Graphics (animation – @DSC-Graphics, dA), jerry411 (animation – @jerry411xdA), Aques Levaro (sound, music – YouTube),  Perrydotto (voice of Libussa – @perrydotto, dA), Serena Midori (voice of Canni – @SerenaMidori), and Jenny Schreiber (voice of Radoslava)

Video also appeared on Equestria Daily:

When to start, when to end – time schedule

8. 8. 2017
Miss Libussa - info

So close to Czequestria and still so many things to say to all attendees!

While we are still waiting for final written approval from official places for some events, we would like to introduce the basic schedule of the whole 3 day events. The final weekend program will be released soon.

Other information can be found (sorted by topics) in the upper menu “Information“. In case of need, please let us know at or ask on Twitter @Czequestria or in the Facebook group CZ/SK bronies.

Friday (LARP event)

10:00 – Meeting time! The meeting point for LARP will be near the bus and tram station “Vypich” (see the map). The exact location will be released together with the rest of the LARP instructions and information.
10:15 – LARP begins
19:00 – LARP ends (most of the teams will finish the game sooner)

18:00 – Pre-party begins in Restaurant Petřín (see the map). It’s gonna be fun 🙂 just remember to be fresh for the con in the morning

Saturday (Czequestria – day 1)

10:00 – Venue doors open!
11:00 – Opening Ceremony starts and Czequestria officially begins

18:30 – Panels/workshops end – time for dinner and getting ready for the party
20:00 – Party begins!

24:00 – Saturday party ends and venue closing (for today)

Sunday (Czequestria – day 2)

10:00 – Program begins

16:30 – Workshops/gaming rooms close, Charity auction begins
17:30 – Closing Ceremony
18:00 – Venue closes, Czequestria ends