The Mystery… UNVEILED – part one

Miss Libussa - VIP

Fillies and gentlecolts, we are overjoyed to present you our first mystery guest – and it’s no other than a voice actress (VA) of Applejack in Czech dubbing – Helena Brabcová!

Giving her voice to Applejack, she is the first representative of the Czech voice actors in MLP: FiM who ever met bronies in person (or rather is going to)! She sure is a hardworking pony with many talents – singing, playing in theatre as well as in TV series and films are all her cups of tea! Still, it’s her voice she is the most famous for: she gave her voice to Lieutenant Uhura (STAR TREK), Charlotte Lewis (LOST), and many others.

Voice Acting in MLP: FiM example – episode S3E9 – Apple Family Reunion – in Czech

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Helena Brabcová - photo
Helena Brabcová
Helena Brabcová MLP OC; art by Cwossie
MLP OC; art by Cwossie

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