The Mystery is gone, the Applejack’s have been doubled!

bibiana_ondrejkovaBibiana_webWhy have just one Applejack, when you can have two?! The Applejack has been DOUBLED! Please welcome Bibiana Ondrejková!

Our very first VA guest from Slovakia, known to bronies for giving her voice to Applejack! She has found many ways to be famous at: theater plays in Bratislava, TV and radio performances. She also uses her talents to inspire and teach the next generation of actors at Conservatory in Bratislava. She lends her voice to many foreign actors (e.g. Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner) in Slovakian media: Phoebe (FRIENDS), Rebecca (NIGHT AT MUSEUM) and many others. Besides the art she also participated in social and charity activities

Voice Acting in MLP:FiM example – episode S02E14 – The Last Roundup – in Slovak

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