Czequestria 2019 theme announced!

22. 8. 2018
Libuše 2019 - dark

Time is racing towards 2019 when the 4th Czequestria will take place. Nevertheless, planning and efforts to estimate what will come next have been an integral part of our daily routine for quite some time. Our lives are getting faster – thanks to the modern lifestyle, our past as well as civilizations are quickly getting buried under the overwhelming amount of new information.

How did our great civilizations, which disappeared in the course of history, used to look? What did their inhabitants look like, how did they live and what would the world of Equestria look like in their fantasies? Historians and archaeologists have tried to answer some of these questions for a long time… we will try to answer the last one:

The theme for Czequestria 2019 is the “Ancient World”!

If you wondered how ancient Rome, Egypt, or other great civilizations in the Equestria universe looked like and you want to experience a bit of their glorious past, come to Czequestria 2019! Together, we’ll travel to the ancient Equestrian times to experience their everyday life as we – and the ponies of the current Equestria – know it from various legends and stories.

Czequestria 2019 webpage design: WanderFox and Cwossie
Czequestria 2019 poster: Cwossie

Czequestria 2017 announced!

5. 2. 2017
Miss Libussa - info

To everyone a long time waiting for information about the next Czequestria and to all other visitors: we are proud to announce that:

 Czequestria 2017 will take a place on August 18. – 20. this year in Prague!

Get ready for traditional MLP themed Friday LARP which is going to be different this year: it won’t guide you to see the beauties of Prague as much as the last one but it’ll prioritize the Role Play part. Will you help Sunset Shimmer to solve a friendship problem? We’re counting on you!

Plus of course MLP weekend filled with fun, fans, guests, and entertainment of all kind.

Detailed information will be revealed in near future, stay tuned for official announcements on these channels:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

See you at the next Czequestria or even sooner!

1. 4. 2016
Miss Libussa - info

To all who are waiting for the news about the next Czequestria: 2016 will be the year of resting for the majority of our organization team.

However, we intend to fulfill the promise we made during the closing ceremony and because the planning has already started, we are happy to announce that the next Czequestria will be held in late August 2017 in Prague (exact date will be published here and also through our Twitter @Czequestria and Facebook CZ/SK bronies).

In the meantime…

it would be a shame to wait so long for the next meeting, right? So we are looking forward to seeing you at other brony meetups and conventions across Europe and beyond:

  • BronyFair (2. – 3. 4. 2016 – Berlin, Germany)
  • B.U.C.K. (9. – 10. 4. 2016 – Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • JapanPonycon (4. – 5. 5. 2016 – Chiba, Japan)
  • Festival Fantazie (30. 6. – 10. 7. 2016 – Chotěboř, Czech Republic)
  • GalaCon (30. – 31. 7. 2016 – Ludwigsburg, Germany)
  • Winter Karaoke Party (16. – 17. 12. 2016 – Prague, Czech Republic)

Since the last Czequestria we also could have met at the other events that we visit regularly:

  • BronyDays (31. 10. – 1. 11. 2015 – Nantes, France)
  • PragoFFest (28. – 31. 1. 2016 – Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Hearth’s Warming Con (26. – 28. 2. 2016 – Hoofddorp, Netherlands)

Let’s get the party started!

26. 2. 2014

Czequestria 2014 - banner with date

Date: 30. – 31. 8. 2014 (+LARP on 29. 8. 2014)
Location: Prague, CZ

The inevitable has become a reality – bronies in the Czech and Slovak republic have grown in such numbers that a big celebration is in order!

Last year we’ve traveled far and wide to visit various MLP Conventions around Europe. We’ve even created our own MLP event line in the largest local Multi-fandom con! But it seems that we’ve outgrown that and the time has come to make our own 1st CZ/SK “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” convention!

“… and then, the Czequestria was born.”

It’s quite hard to convince other bronies about the vast difference between the MLP event line on Czech or Slovakia and the famous large brony conventions. It’s at those foreign conventions where the atmosphere itself is so heart-warming and catching that you let yourself go of the “real-life bounds” and enjoy being a brony to its fullest! However, for many of us who wish to attend such awesome conventions, there are sometimes far too many obstacles to overcome at once.

This is about to change as Czequestria takes place in our home country or close neighborhood for Slovakian bronies! So now there is no excuse to not attend if you are a local brony!

The obstacles of life that prevent one from attending a convention are well known to us too and, therefore, we’ve put all of our efforts to make Czequestria accessible not just for the “core members” but for as many of you as possible! That is without any unnecessary compromises to the quality of the convention itself – apart from the traditional program, which you may know from GalaCon, BUCK, or BronyDays, we’ve got a couple of surprises for you!

Do you wish to partake in a journey and step into the literal hooves of your heroes from Equestria? Do you wish to explore the interesting parts of Prague which are not so well known among the casual tourists, even though they are worth exploring far more than the “usual” sights? If this tickles your fancy then don’t pass on your chance to attend the MLP: FiM LARP game scheduled on the first day of the convention (Friday 29th)! The game will take you through our capital city and will guide you through so that next time you are in Prague, you will know exactly where to go.

We are looking forward to meeting and having fun with you!

As the bottom line – we would like to congratulate Legeden for winning the competition “Name our Convention” with the “Czequestria”, crusading through all 3 rounds, undefeated! Thanks!