Crowdfunding – a piece of treasure from Ancient Equestria

14. 8. 2019
Miss Libussa 2019 - info

Czequestria is already around the corner but still has not revealed all its hidden treasures. Many of them had long been hiding in dusty halls and locked chests. Now is the time to bring all the artifacts to the light of day!

If you want to take away a bit of the ancient world for yourself, don’t hesitate! Treasures are usually small-sized and not everypony will eventually get them. And as in the whole history, time plays (and will play) the main role.

You can get the artifacts of Ancient Equestria from Crowdfunding that just started!

DJ Delt∆ – dance music for partying hard!

23. 7. 2019
DJ Delta OC

Better stretch your hooves in advance – DJ Delt∆ aka Joël is returning to the Czequestria party and certainly won’t leave his House and Techno beats at home!

DJ-ing since 2009, he’s been playing at many brony events in Europe, including GalaCon, Everfree Encore, and since 2015 also at Czequestria. His recent move from Germany to the Netherlands did not stop him from playing his favorite music to share and enjoy it with everypony who likes to party hard!

Check his music mixes at Soundcloud and… get ready!

Find out more on the Guests page.

Only 14 days left for Patrician and low price Citizen tickets!

17. 7. 2019
Miss Libussa 2019 - info

Czequestria 2019 is getting closer and closer. We still have a lot to announce, but this time it will be a bit different – not a guest or event…

You probably already know, but we want to kindly remind everypony who still hesitate to buy a ticket that

Patrician and Senator tickets will close and Citizen will be more expensive after 31st July!

So if you plan to be Patrician or want to save money on the tickets, better buy your ticket right now!