Cosplay is an awesome thing to do!

18. 3. 2015

Hello everybody!

We’re back on a new web platform and to celebrate I’ve prepared 3 special trophies for 3 cosplay competition categories! Like last year we will be choosing the best cosplayers in Roleplay (to act their character), Craftsmanship (to show an impressive works of art and skill) and in Originality (e.g. a new take on existing character or something fresh)!

The cosplay competition sign up form is ready and will be available starting next week as part of our core team is going on vacation to gain much needed mental strength and new ideas in Slovakia!

Hope to see you soon!

Cosplay Competition in Originality

Cosplay Competition in Roleplay

Cosplay Competition in Craftsmanship

General info

15. 3. 2015
Miss Libussa - info

It’s quite possible that this may be your first visit to this beautiful and history-rich capital of Czech Republic – to Prague! The last time in 2014 we’ve organized a “LARP” event to offer you a chance to get more acquainted with the city and its less-known parts that are not so overcrowded with tourists.

This year, we will organize this event once more. With new story, path and game to play.

Naturally you may have questions such as “Will there be a Friday official pre-meet?” or “When does the Czequestria open?”. All I can offer you now is to keep your eye up on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Forums and this web to stay up-to-date with latest news!

Czequestria is awake!

2. 2. 2015
Miss Libussa - info

As you may or may have not heard or read, the Czequestria 2015 has now been announced!

Right now we are preparing the necessary information and basics, such as date, location, and ticket prices. We are also preparing a new range of Workshops, Gaming rooms and, of course, guests!

We’ve read your feedback from the last year and will do our best to make Czequestria 2015 even better than the previous one! Stay tuned for more news on Twitter, Facebook, Forum, and the web!