See you at the next Czequestria or even sooner!

To all who are waiting for the news about the next Czequestria: 2016 will be the year of resting for the majority of our organization team. However, we intend to fulfill the promise we made during the closing ceremony and because the planning has already started, we are happy to announce that the next Czequestria will be held in late August 2017 in Prague (exact date will be published here and also through our Twitter  @Czequestria and and Facebook CZ/SK bronies).

In the meantime… it would be a shame to wait so long for the next meeting, right? So we are looking forward to see you at other brony meetups and conventions across Europe and beyond:

  • BronyFair (2.-3.4.2016 – Berlin, Germany)
  • B.U.C.K. (9.-10.4.2016 – Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • JapanPonycon (4.-5.5.2016 – Chiba, Japan)
  • Festival Fantazie (30.6.-10.7.2016 – Chotěboř, Czech Republic)
  • Galacon (30.-31.7.2016 – Ludwigsburg, Germany)
  • Winter Karaoke Party (December 2016 – Prague, Czech Republic)

Since the last Czequestria we also could have met at the other events that we visit regularly:

The documentary film “Road to Czequestria”

How did all those CZ/SK bronies meetups started? What happenned in the community before the first MLP:FiM convention in the Czech Republic and Slovakia? The long awaited documentary film about Czequestria made in a longer course and thank to big effort of many people. Even bigger meetups we had weren’t  enough, so the desire and dreams about something magnificent turned into reality …

The film was screened at Czequestria 2015 in the main hall  on Saturday afternoon.

Congratulations to Honzdir for bringing the documentary film project to a successful end!

Charity auction – results

All the paperwork is now finished, so we can proudly present the final amount of money donated in Czequestria 2015 charity auction. In total, people pledged

2,503 €

Perry, hats off for this result 😉

Thanks to all donors for amazing stuff for the auction and auction attendees not just for the finance donations, but also for the spirit they created during the auction itself. All donated many were handed over to Your Siblings e.V. organization and used for buying anti-malaria nets against mosquitos to help fight malaria in the third world countries.

Besides the overview at Bronies for Good page, Czequestria can be found in a video which compares (not only) charity donations at MLP:FiM conventions across the Europe:

Shared Memories – via Photos & Videos

Its been a while since Czequestria took place. There has been many memorable moments and joyful times that many will remember but also quite a few photos were taken and some hours of video were recorded! It would be a great shame to not share all of this with all of you and to relive the wonderful times we all had at Czequestria or to show to those, who missed it, that the next time they better check their calendars!

In case we’ve missed some of the photos or videos, please let us know via e-mail, or via Facebook, and or viaTwitter – we will be delighted to place them in the collection!

Continue reading Shared Memories – via Photos & Videos

LARP results

Hi everypony!

Did you enjoy our LARP? If yes and you would like to find out how many points your team has scored or in which order has teams arrived to the final checkpoint then hit the link bellow!

Now for the cool stuff. The total number of groups was 21 and the game had 124 participants. Everybody has attempted to save Spike. The time difference between the first and the last group in the finish line was almost 5 hours while the group’s start time did not take effect on this. If you would like to know more interesting facts and info, then feel free to tweet me (@tomaspre)!

The story as well as the instructions in Czech language are my work while the books that you’ve been collecting throughout the game were provided by Rivel Arosis (Thanks!). Translation has been done by Frolda and pipa, proofreading by Cwossie and pipa’s sister. Puzzles were invented mostly by D’Artagnan, checkpoint tasks were my creation.

In case that you’ve feedback for me, please let me know! Be it through Twitter or via feedback form, that we will send out shortly via email.

Thanks to every one of you for participating and helping!
Table with the results is here!


Czequestria – the very best of what the CZ/SK brony community can achieve, when everypony align their energy, strength and work together towards a common dream to be turned into a reality!

Looking back at my past makes me wonder if at least once in my life the things will go according to the plan. From the very beginnings of the first MLP: FiM CZ/SK convention preparations I honestly don’t believe that it will ever happen. The question itself doesn’t matter anymore…

Since Czequestria, no matter how badly or well it was planned, has received a generous help from many people, each and every one of them playing their small or big part, has become something that will definitely remain a wonderful memory of not just a bunch, but hundreds of bronies, visiting from all over the Europe and beyond!

Despite its greatness, it all can be summed up into a single word: Continue reading Thanks!

Opening video on YouTube

For all, who missed Openning ceremony at Czequestria and also to everypony else, who wants to see the Opening video: it’s now available on YouTube.

Thanks to Stable-Tec studios members for the animation and to Perry for her Miss Libussa voice!

The Mystery is gone, the Applejack’s have been doubled!

bibiana_ondrejkovaBibiana_webWhy have just one Applejack, when you can have two?! The Applejack has been DOUBLED! Please welcome Bibiana Ondrejková!

Our very first VA guest from Slovakia, known to bronies for giving her voice to Applejack! She has found many ways to be famous at: theater plays in Bratislava, TV and radio performances. She also uses her talents to inspire and teach the next generation of actors at Conservatory in Bratislava. She lends her voice to many foreign actors (e.g. Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner) in Slovakian media: Phoebe (FRIENDS), Rebecca (NIGHT AT MUSEUM) and many others. Besides the art she also participated in social and charity activities

Voice Acting in MLP:FiM example – episode S02E14 – The Last Roundup – in Slovak

More information at IMDB and

OC pony design by Cwossie

The Mystery… UNVEILED – part one


Fillies and gentlecolts, we are overjoyed to present you our first mystery guest – and its no other than a voice actress (VA) of Applejack in Czech dubbing – Helena Brabcová!

Giving her voice to Applejack, she is the first representant of the Czech voice actors in MLP:FiM who ever met bronies in person (or rather is going to)! She sure is a hardworking pony with many talents – singing, playing in theatre as well as in TV series and films are all her cups of tea! Still, it’s her voice she is the most famous for: she gave her voice to Lieutenant Uhura (STAR TREK), Charlotte Lewis (LOST) and many others.

Voice Acting in  MLP:FiM example – episode S3E9 – Apple Family Reunion – in Czech

More information at IMDB and

OC pony design: by Cwossie