See you at the next Czequestria or even sooner!

Miss Libussa - info

To all who are waiting for the news about the next Czequestria: 2016 will be the year of resting for the majority of our organization team.

However, we intend to fulfill the promise we made during the closing ceremony and because the planning has already started, we are happy to announce that the next Czequestria will be held in late August 2017 in Prague (exact date will be published here and also through our Twitter @Czequestria and Facebook CZ/SK bronies).

In the meantime…

it would be a shame to wait so long for the next meeting, right? So we are looking forward to seeing you at other brony meetups and conventions across Europe and beyond:

Since the last Czequestria we also could have met at the other events that we visit regularly:

  • BronyDays (31. 10. – 1. 11. 2015 – Nantes, France)
  • PragoFFest (28. – 31. 1. 2016 – Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Hearth’s Warming Con (26. – 28. 2. 2016 – Hoofddorp, Netherlands)