Mane Hall decoration – we got this together!

Although we have many decorations for the whole venue, there is one special place, that we reserve for our friends from other brony conventions, meetups and groups in general 🙂

If you have banner, flag, poster or similar thing of your pony con, meetup or group in general, bring it to Czequestria…

…and let’s decorate one wall in Mane Hall together, so everpony knows, who has arrived!

Rules and instructions

With the decorations please follow these rules:

  • decoration maximum size 1,8 x 1 m (if you have only bigger, please contact us in advance)
  • only MLP or brony related groups/events
  • only one decoration per event and group
  • in accordance with the general rules of Czequestria (ie family friendly etc.)
  • for attaching to the wall please use adhesive rubber and paper tape only (wall is made of flat and smooth lacquered wood) – no nails or staples! If you don’t have the paper tape, please ask staff – we have spares.

In case of questions, please contact organization team on Czequestria Discord server or via e-mail