LARP – What to expect? (2014)

Czequestria 2014 - LARP 4

How does a LARP look like? Participants of the last Prague annual meetup had a chance to experience most of it. For the others, here goes some intel.

Everything begins at Palackého náměstí (our version of Hyde Park) where you’re going to receive the first part of the story and some instructions on where to go. Each time you reach the end of the current part of the story, an NPC (Non-Playing Character) will be nearby. He or she will give you another paper with the next part of the instructions/story, some other information, and maybe more.

The goal is to walk through the entire path. At the LARP end, your points will be evaluated and you’re going to be rewarded. The main announcement will be made during the main program on Saturday or Sunday. Just a note – as you may have read on the Basic info page, the Friday LARP event will finish with a dinner and a large meet-up at a special location!

If you want to read the game from the 4th Big CZ/SK bronies meetup in Prague, you can do it right here (it’s only in Czech though).

We have quite a lot of experiences from the last time, so we’re going to make this LARP totally epic! Lastly, we have a couple of photos for you so that you can make a better picture of what you will see!