Events – plan (2014)

Miss Libussa - Events

For some of you, this may be your first visit to the beautiful and history-rich capital of the Czech Republic. We wish to make your stay a bit more special – thanks to one of our core staff members, you may now take a part in a “LARP” (Live Action RolePlay) game planned for Friday afternoon in Prague. It’s a great way to get to know the city as well as your fellow friends. If you’re attending Czequestria on your own and don’t know your way around – no problem! We will have local bronies to assist as well as we will join you up in a team so that all of you can share this experience, together (and hopefully not get lost 😉 ).  In case you do actually get lost, we will have a “recovery” team to assist, both over a phone and, possibly, also with a car.

We are also planning a party on Friday eve to get the weekend started. More details on that later on though!

The core event – Czequestria – will take a place on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Doors open at 10:00 on Saturday and we close them at 22:00 (as long as they are still there…).
  • We open up again at 10:00 on Sunday and will attempt to wrap up this wonderful weekend at about 18:00.
  • LARP event times will be announced at later date.

We have a dance party event on the platter as well as the charity auction (which both are sort of a tradition in the MLP con. community) but we don’t have any details to share at this moment.

However, even with the convention finished, it’s not all over! Some of you will still be in Prague and we’ve, sensibly, allocated vacations on Monday to recover. So why not join up and enjoy a spontaneous after-party?! (pending lack of energy and/or sleep)