Thanks to all sponsors! (2014)

17. 10. 2014

The Element of generosity should not be overlooked! We would like to thank everyone who supported our efforts to successfully organize the first “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” convention in the Czech Republic and Slovakia! Namely:

  • Czequestria crowdfunding campaign contributors!
  • Anonymous supporters for A LOT of small things that they provided for free and for all attendees!
  • Egmont publishing for generously donating a HUGE box of My Little Pony magazines that made all the Czequestria at least 20% cooler 🙂

Czequestria 2014 - MLP magaznies donated by Egmont

Generosity and Charity, unbeatable pair!

7. 10. 2014
Miss Libussa - info

Among the post-convention wrap up we’ve completely forgotten to honor the admirable generosity of all of the attendees of Czequestria’s charity auction!

It was an amazing show – especially thanks to Perrydotto and her auctioning skills! We’ve raised a total of

46.700 CZK
(~1690 EUR or 2170 USD)

for Bronies4Good! What an awesome result – especially considering the number of attendees and the economic situation! Splendid work, we are quite sure that the money will reach their target and provide a sustainable environment for those in need!

We sincerely hope that all of you had a blast during Czequestria and the charity auction and if you wish to relive those memories just visit the Feedback tab on the website and its Gallery section!

More information regarding the use of funds and else can be found here:

So how was the first convention organized by CZ/SK bronies

6. 10. 2014
Miss Libussa - info

We’ve all had a great time at Czequestria! It was such a great time, filled with many memories, that it easily overwhelmed us! And it would be a shame to easily forget them or not to show and share them with those who couldn’t make it to the convention!

If you wish to relive the memories of Czequestria or you are just curious how it all looked like and went about and what could have been seen on a first MLP: FiM convention in English in Czech and Slovakia, check out the new section Photos & Videos in the upper menu.

Within this section, you will find Photo Gallery, news report through Czequestria News which you could have seen during the convention as well as the panel recordings. Although it may seem like not much, don’t worry, we will be adding more!

Thanks! (2014)

20. 9. 2014
Czequestria 2014 - mane hall
Mane Hall just before the start, Czequestria 2014; photo by CreepyRiver

“Know that your time is coming soon,
as the Sun rises, so does the Moon…”

This piece of the song sounded in my head all last week – it didn’t stop even after Czequestria started and has lasted until now. I would like to say a lot of things about the last weekend – so I’ll take it gradually and start with what I think is most important:
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LARP results 2014

19. 9. 2014
Miss Libussa - info

For everypony who couldn’t be at the contest ceremony on Sunday afternoon or just wants to see detailed LARP results, we bring you a complete spreadsheet. So just click here and find your team!

Once more we’d like to thank everypony who helped with the preparations.
Mainly: Michy, AutumnBreeze, Kája and pidi.
Also to Hanka, MrMaidx, Antošík, Honzdir and Alkel.
The translators and correctors: Frolda, pipa943 and Cwossie.
And of course all the NPCs: Tydlitele, pidi, Yami, Eile, Alkel, Iluzon, D’Artagnan, pipa943, Cwossie, Frolda, Antošík, Kája and AutumnBreeze.

Lastly thanks to all attendees! 🙂

Wait! We have one more thing for you. Are you still unsure about some of the solutions of the ciphers? So just click here and find out if you were right!

Czequestria News 2014

16. 9. 2014

Our media team has prepared something unique for you: all three days of the convention were covered in news videos!

So don’t wait another minute and watch our Czequestria news! (for parts 2 and 3 English subtitles are included)

Program Schedule (2014)

18. 8. 2014

Want to know what’s on? Where to go or if there is time for lunch?!

We’ve got you covered! Time is getting near and we are now releasing a preliminary version of Czequestria’s timetable! Although we’ve done our best to make sure that the times are all right, it’s possible a little bump here and there may occur. It’s certainly nothing new in the convention business and these things happen from time to time. But, as with everything, we will do our best to keep things to the point!

Without further ado, here are the boxes with colors and letters in them!

Czequestria 2014 - Schedule

.. and she is Montylicious!

12. 8. 2014
Eile Monty and her MLP OC

We like you. We like you all so much that we’ve got another guest announcement to make!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome this very talented, awesome, funny, and mainly… Button’s mum!

EileMonty shall visit us at Czequestria!

Check the Guests page for more information but if you are not familiar with her or her work at all, then why not check her youtube channel to see for yourself? We promise you – it’s well worth it!

Find out more on the Guests page.

Awesome Swedish Apple Pie Time!

5. 8. 2014
Anneli Heed with her MLP OC

It’s as hard to believe for us as it is for you but – it’s the truth! We would like to welcome the very first voice actress to Czequestria – the one and only Anneli Heed!

She is from the land of Vikings – from Sweden! Apart from voice acting she also does stand-up comedy, impersonation, and sing too! Many of us were lucky to witness this first-hand at Crystal Fair’s party where she paired up with Daniel Ingram and it was breath-taking!

And don’t forget the very first moment that sparkled all of this – the famous Soarin’s apple pie!

Find out more on the Guests page.