Thank you! (2019)

25. 11. 2019
Czequestria 2019 group photo; author: Blue Storm
Czequestria 2019 group photo; author: Blue Storm

“The voyage to the world of My Little Pony, where Friendship is Magic: To the Equestrian Ancient World and back again!”

Five years since the first Czequestria, and who would have thought… does it sound like a cliche? Perhaps. But as the time is running and every year forces us to look back at everything we have gone through, whether as fans, attendees, or friends. The smaller or bigger changes over that time have probably caught all of us, including Czequestria itself. But many important things stayed – shared memories of events and long-standing friendships that brought us together and, despite the occasional adversity, remain today. Whether we like it or not, for many of us the events around My Little Pony have become an experience that we will carry on for the rest of our lives.

We firmly believe that although our favorite series ended this year in its 9th season, its legacy will persist, and together we will add even more experiences to our lives that we will all be worth remembering 🙂 as long as we have the desire of „meeting up the pony way“, we have no reason to stop!

But enough of the past and future – the present is the important one. First things first:

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Panel recordings from Czequestria 2019 online!

16. 10. 2019
Miss Libussa 2019 - info

It took a lot of time and a lot of effort, but all the Mane Hall recordings from this year has been processed and are now available online! So, if you missed a part of the Czequestria 2019 main program, or do you want to visit it again, have fun!

Mane Hall program videos (including time indexes, if you search for specific moment, question, auction item…) are available on Czequestria 2019 Fang’s page. There (below videos), you find the download links too.

We also listed them at Photos and videos 2019, where you can find links to other videos, photo galleries, and reports from this year Czequestria.

Czequestria 2019 in photos and videos

8. 10. 2019
Miss Libussa 2019 - info

While the official panel recordings are still being processed, photos and videos by visitors from the whole event can be found in various places on the Internet, as well as photos from the official photographers (or… most of them).

To save you from searching far and wide, we have prepared the overview Photos and videos from Czequestria 2019 for you.

On the same page, you can let us know about other photo albums, videos, and other not mentioned references to Czequestria. We will be happy to include them in the overview!

Element of Generosity: Charity auction results

1. 10. 2019
Chewal logo

One of the fan dreams is to make the real world more like their beloved fictional one. And the Element of Generosity is one of the aspects where bronies’ contribution to the real world becomes a thing beyond the borders of the fandom.

First and foremost we would like to thank everyone who contributed (by donating items or by buying them) to this year’s Czequestria Charity auction! Your generosity never stops surprising us. Also many thanks to Perrydotto for making it an awesome show as every year! Together, you donated in total

113 320 CZK
(~ 4402 €)

which is an incredible amount and also the new Czequestria record for a charity auction! And as in the previous years, all the money was donated directly to Chewal association, a qualified organization providing hippotherapy near Bystřice, Czech Republic.

Again, our many thanks to all the Charity auction contributors!

Looking back at Czequestria 2019

12. 9. 2019
Miss Libussa 2019 - info

The fourth Czequestria is over, but not yet gone!

It’s been almost three weeks since the official ending of Czequestria 2019, and from the Ancient World of Equestria, we are all back to the present world of humans. But, there are still a few things to be done! Attendee feedback, charity auction final results, and remaining Explorer tickets mailing to name a few. Stay tuned for announcements next week!

Before that, there is one thing that many people were asking, and there is no reason to hide those numbers from you…

How many of us attended Czequestria this year?

373 people bought a ticket, that allowed entry to Czequestria 2019
363 of those ticket holders came to Czequestria 2019 in person
87 guests, contributors, volunteers, and organizers had and used a free entry to Czequestria 2019 – in our opinion, everypony who contribute to the group effort should be rewarded at least with a free entry!

In the end, there were 450 of us all over the venue! Which is, by the way, the new record 🙂 Thank you all!