Trotting here from distant land: Przewalski’s Ponies

26. 7. 2017
Przewalski's Ponies 2017; art by Velvet R. Wings

If you’ve already visited Czequestria at least once, you will surely remember the brony music band which comes to visit us every year and always brings beautiful songs to every pony at the con. This year we are proud to announce that Przewalski’s Ponies are returning once again! Now we’re looking forward to not just to listen to their songs, but also towards the reunion with our long-time-no-see friends.

Przewalski’s Ponies – Andy Feelin (bass guitar), 4/3 known also as Chord (guitar), and Velvet R. Wings (harp, vocal, percussion) – will present a new acoustic feature with the Celtic harp. Old songs, new sound! Also, Velvet R. Wings will perform her new songs by her solo project ILLUMNATION.

Find & listen to their music online at and on YouTube.

You can also find them as @PrzPwnies  on Twitter, at, or Facebook.

Przewalski's Ponies 2017; art by Velvet R. Wings
Przewalski’s Ponies; art by Velvet R. Wings

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From Ashes of Equestria, visiting Czequestria!

19. 7. 2017
The Overmare Studios logo

Only one month remains to the beginning, so it’s about time to introduce all the guests who will visit us this year!

We are honored to welcome those, whose name is not unknown to any “Fallout: Equestria” fan, neither to any regular Czequestria attendee. As in previous years, The Overmare Studios, well known for developing the computer game Ashes of Equestria (formerly named Fallout: Equestria, The Game) are coming to Czequestria!

From the whole team (consisting of many members), accepted the invitations: Aivri (Audio/The Wasteland Wailers), Dex (Programming and QA), Dolkar (Programming), Ansis Malins (Programming), Hamish Milne (Team Lead/Programming), Pickelhauben Pony (Design) and Adam Sporka (Team Lead/Audio/Wasteland Wailers).

You can look forward to new game development, fixed bugs, quests, and their in-game system and also well-known music from Wasteland Wailers band and many more! The panel will be hosted by Adam Sporka, Hamish Milne, Aivri, Pickelhauben Pony, and Dex.

You can find all the information about the new game at their website

The music from Wasteland Wailers (focused not only on Ashes of Equestria ) can be heard on Wasteland Wailers Soundcloud.Ashes of Equestria banner

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The last Royal Route and Fancy Portal closing slowly

12. 7. 2017
Miss Libussa - tickets

Czequestria is getting closer and closer, so it’s time to prepare all the rewards that belong to our generous contributors – owners of the Royal Route and Fancy Portal tickets.

In order to run everything smoothly, there is now the last Royal Route ticket and we have a message for everypony:

Fancy Portal tickets sale ends on Sunday, July 23th 2017

Charity auction: Hippotherapy is Magic

11. 7. 2017
Miss Libussa - info

As tradition dictates, Czequestria 2017 – like almost every brony conventions – will feature a charity auction! This year, we will be supporting a more equine cause – Hippotherapy, which is a form of Equine-assisted therapy. Close contact with the animals positively affects the patient’s motor skills, coordination, and balance. Haven’t you ever thought hugging equines could be magical?

Anypony can donate an MLP-related item to the auction and all the money will go to support the above mentioned magical thing.

For more information (also how to donate) please refer to Information – Charity auction section

The first “Czequestrian” from far, far away land!

27. 6. 2017
Miss Libussa - VIP

As with anything complex, MLP: FiM was created by people from all walks of life. And thanks to these folks we’ve been able to experience the joy of this wonderful & mesmerizing TV show. And apart from the voice actors, it’s the script & lore writers that create the actual story for those characters. And even though there is now more than a handful of those that have been involved with this show, there is only one that is quite more close to Czequestria than any other…

Without further ado, it is our utmost pleasure to welcome a book & scriptwriter and a person, that’s definitely no party pooper – M. A. Larson!

Among the episodes that have been created by his pen for the TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” belong the highly acclaimed The Return of Harmony, Luna Eclipsed, and Magical Mystery Cure. Apart from writing he just loves attending various conventions and thanks to this he has quite the fame among the brony community. And if catching him offline is difficult, he can always be found on Twitter @M_A_Larson or be contacted via his web site.

M. A. Larson - photo
M. A. Larson
M. A. Larson MLP OC; art by Cwossie
Calling Czequestria; art by Cwossie

Apart from writing the story scripts (of which he participated on eg. Foster’sMy Gym Partner’s a Monkey or Gravity Falls), he does actively develop his own book series called Pennyroyal Academy which is up for third part release on 22nd August!

Sadly due to these duties, he won’t be able to participate in person (as you could’ve guessed from the picture above), but you won’t be spared of his voice as he will call in via Skype.

And why is Mitch A. Larson closer to the Czequestria than any other person on MLP: FiM crew? Well, the story begins 4 years ago in the city of Paris, at the BronyDays convention. During the signing session, he was handed the CZ/SK bronies flag and before actually signing it, he surprised us with a question when we will organize a convention in Prague! As we were quite astonished, we’ve managed to reply along the lines that we are preparing something and that we will surely send him an invite. This was actually a big nudge for us that has led to the creation of Czequestria, as a first Czech-Slovak brony con. So in short, he is the responsible person for making Czequestria a reality! Hopefully, one day, he will attend in person and stop avoiding us!

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