General info (2015)

Czequestria 2015 banner - transparentSo here we are, once again, to see the fresh & famous faces that you will be able to meet, greet, and seek their wisdom in the second year of Czequestria! Who it will be this year? Will we bring some horse-famous names or will we bring an actual horse (or pony)? You never know as the CZ/SK bronies are well known for their funny antics! Stay tuned for more news!

Same as the last year we can already tell you that we have quite a few guests already looking into visiting the city of Prague and Czequestria but Pinkie promise is a Pinkie promise!

It’s quite possible that this may be your first visit to this beautiful and history-rich capital of the Czech Republic – to Prague! The last time in 2014 we’ve organized a “LARP” event to offer you a chance to get more acquainted with the city and its less-known parts that are not so overcrowded with tourists.

This year, we will organize this event once more. With a new story, path, and game to play.

Naturally, you may have questions such as “Will there be a Friday official pre-meet?” or “When does the Czequestria open?“. All I can offer you now is to keep your eye upon various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Forums, and this web to stay up-to-date with the latest news!