Tickets (2014)

Miss Libussa - tickets

Huzzaaah! The tickets have arrived and you will be able to buy them from this very page!

We’ve tried our hardest to price them as low as feasibly possible to allow most of the bronies to attend without breaking a bit bank while still keeping it possible for us to get it off the ground and fill our hooves with lots of stuff to do and fun to enjoy!

There are 3 tiers to choose from – the standard named “The usual, please!”, which you may remember as a quote from some rather known generous pony! The second tier, named “Feelin’ Fancy?”, is there to let you sport the colors of Czequestria on your very own chest! (if you use the T-shirt as originally intended…) And finally, if you wish to fire up your spirit of Generosity as well as get something awesome and tangible in return, there is the “Castle Royale” for that extra Canterlot-style feel – it does include tickets to Sugar Cube corner, which will be a local catering provider (more info later on)!

However, it doesn’t matter which ticket you choose as long as you visit Czequestria and have lots of fun there! We are all waiting for you! And you… aaand of course, you too! <3

Czequestria 2014 is completely sold out!


The Usual, please Feelin’ Fancy? Castle Royale Let me in!
320 CZK 777 CZK 1800 CZK 0 CZK
Sold out! Sold out! Sold out! N/A
2-Day entry Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
LARP game entry Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Convention guide Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Special lanyard badge Eeyup! Eeyup! Eeyup!
Czequestria T-shirt Eeyup! Eeyup!
Name/Nick mention in con. guide Eeyup! Eeyup!
Czequestria 2014 badge Eeyup! Eeyup!
Vouchers to Sugar Cube Corner (2x) Eeyup!
Limited edition of Libussa 2014 figurine Eeyup!
Name/Nick in sponsors Eeyup!
Reservation slot for a capacity upgrade Eeyup!

Approximate costs: 320 CZK = ~11.5 EUR; 777 CZK = ~28 EUR; 1800 CZK = ~65.5 EUR. These costs vary by day, currency convertor used and how well has Luna slept during the day.

The ticket is reserved for a period of 14 days after the reservation is made. After this period, the reservation is canceled and the ticket is returned back to the system

Note: The ticket type “Let me in!” will become active in case we sell out on all of the tickets and fill our capacity. If this occurs, we will disable all the other tickets and enable this one and, when enough interest is generated, will upgrade the capacity to a larger, greater hall!