FAQ (2015)

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We’ve got questions, you’ve got answers… oh wait… the other way around!

Questions, Contacts, Issues, Need Help!
In case of any problem, inquiry, and what-not, let us know via email at info@czskbronies.cz – please give us a day or two to respond, sometimes our life’s really busy! You can also lay down your questions on the EuroBronies forum right here: EuroBronies Forum. Forum, not your thing? Well, we’ve got a Facebook event going on too! It’s right here: Facebook Czequestria 2015 Event

Times, dates

Czequestria is on 21-23th August 2015 and starts on Friday with a city-exploration event (which we call a “LARP”), Saturday continues with the mane event as well as the awesome evening party, now hosted in the Grand Hall (no more moving elsewhere)! On Sunday we’ll wrap things up with a big Thank You! To make this simple, here is a magical table:

  • LARP: Friday – meetup at Palackého náměstí, 21. 8., 10:00 a.m.
  • Pre-party: Friday 17:00 – 24:00 in Restaurant Petřín – how to get there? See the map and the guide
  • Mane event day one: Saturday 10:00 – 20:00
  • Concert & Party event: Saturday 20:00 – 24:00
  • Mane event day two: Sunday 10:00 – 18:00


Czequestria takes place in Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic. It used to be called Czechoslovakia but we’ve split countries on 1.1. 1993 for the sole reason to be able to have 2 teams participate in the World Ice Hockey Championships and Olympic Games. Because 2 medals are more than just 1!

The venue for the Saturday & Sunday is located at:
Těšínská 600, Praha 8, Post Code 181 00


Tickets are registered on the name that you use in the registration after the payment has been successfully received. Cancellation of tickets is possible up to 30 days before the convention (due to T-shirt sizing order).

If you are under 18, please fill out this form and have it prepared along with your ticket:
Foreign Attendee: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8E8HKPwvzjfUWFkM3piekY3NzQ
Czech/Slovak Atendee: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8E8HKPwvzjfR0xrcWNkT3ZnajA


The convention will be in the English language as it’s primary and Czech/Slovak as it’s secondary.

General information

  • The currency that is accepted in Czech is called Czech Crown. Its value is about 28.5 Crowns for 1 Euro, 38 Crowns for 1 British Pound, and about 26 Crowns for an American dollar.
  • We are in GMT +1.00 zone and generally get confused when somebody starts to mention the AM and PM difference.
  • People in Czech don’t speak English very well, you won’t find many people with the ability to talk in any foreign language. But English is a safe bet for the no.1 foreign language with German being second.
  • Public transport tickets can be bought in corner shops or machines as well as via paid-for premium SMS.
  • Public transport ticket for 24 CZK is only a short 30 minute while the 32 CZK one will give you whole 90 minutes with as many changes as you need. If you are staying in Prague for several days, we recommend the 24-hour or 96-hour tickets for 110 or for 310 CZK.

In case of other questions, such as:

  • What can you bring to the convention?
  • What can you cosplay at?
  • Why can’t you throw hay around the venue?

Let us know via email – we’ve plenty of previous experiences at various European Pony Conventions and will try to keep you happy as long as we stay within rules, laws, and reason!