Unknown X for element 202X has been solved!

Miss Libussa 2022 - Moon info
Miss Libussa, envoy of the Moon
(art by Dyonys)

The announcement long awaited by everypony is finally here! We could give you a long obscure description, but in this case, a straight and fair answer is the best, and probably also the expected one:

Due to the current pandemic situation, Czequestria 202X is postponed to the end of August next year.

During the last month, the chances for a fast return to normal were rising and we believed in Czequestria happening this year, even if with some restrictions. But last days made it worse again and traveling across the borders seems to be following the same trend soon. It was a hard decision, but even if it made us sad, we believe it’s the right one. Czequestria preparations continue. Let’s keep trotting until it’s safe to meet together again!

We are looking forward to seeing you in late August 202X, where X=2!