The doors to the Vendor Zone!

31. 7. 2014
Czequestria 2014 - vendor samples 1

Some call it swag, some call it stuff and some just love to dig in and cover themselves in all its softness! No, we are not talking about a ball pit – nor we won’t be selling 1 extra hour vouchers for it. We are talking about the Vendor Zone!

The vendor list has been assembled and we are bringing you a quick taste of what will be on offer!

And to ease your navigation through-out the convention venue, we’ve also prepared the list of vendors and their locations with the map below! Without further ado, here we go!

Vendor listCzequestria 2014 - vendor samples 2

1-4 – My Little Workshop –
Buttons, mugs, T-shirts, pillows, mousepads.

5 – Yami Björk
Cosplay accessories and commissions.

6 – Autokrator’s Chest –
Custom painted MLP figurines, posters, buttons, pendants, rings, linocuts, original arts.

7 – Antošík –
Posters of all sorts.

8 – Schimy –
Buttons, leather items, original arts.

9-10 – Dračí křídlo –
Buttons, magnets, pendants, earrings, knitted items.

11 – 99%Angel CUSTOMS –
Plushies, hand-engraved glasses, custom pony patches, and figures.

12 – BladeRain
MLP jewelry – necklaces, earrings, pendants, keyrings.

13 – Dragoniana
Buttons, fimo ponies, plushies, T-shirts, bracelets, earrings.

14 – Xeelee
Buttons, blind bags, hand-painted bags.

Note: CZ/SK bronies & Czequestria & Crowdfunding items at stand no.7!.

Czequestria 2014 - venue plan

Huzzah – games have been doubled!

30. 7. 2014
My Little Karaoke logo

Huzzah! The games have been doubled! That’s right – we’ve got an entire room dedicated to My Little Karaoke as well as to TrotMania (DDR)!

So warm up your hooves and clear up your lungs – the games are on!TrotMania logo

Room no. 111 has been dedicated purely to these two games so if you ever feel competitive or just want to enjoy a song with a friend then that’s your place for sure!

For the Trottmania (originally called Stepmania), we will have several high quality professional hard pads to make every move count to the point, how cool is that?!

Crowdfunding Campaign was a success!

8. 7. 2014

KreativciSobě logo

You did it! That’s right – the Crowdfunding campaign has reached the final sum of

20 803 Kč
which is 347% of the original goal of 6000 Kč.

The goal was set this low on purpose as we weren’t sure ourselves on how popular our tiny convention will be but it seems there is enough buzz around!
So thank you all for chipping in and helping us get through! You will not just be rewarded with goodies that you’ve chosen but also with new guest(s) of honor!

Stay tuned at this website and on social networks (Twitter, FB, etc..) for more announcements!