LARP – How will it look like? (2015)

LARP 2015 - Palackého náměstí
Palackého náměstí, LARP

Everything starts with our meeting at Palackého náměstí (it’s a perfect place because it is something like Prague’s Hyde Park), where you will get the first part of the story and the instructions on where to move next. Whenever you come to a place where the last part of the story ends, you will encounter the NPC (Non-Player Character – a person who is not participating in LARP as a player) that will give you another piece of paper with further instructions and the continuations of the story and other things that I will not reveal.

The goal is to pass/live the whole story until the end, where you will be rewarded and you will turn in the table with answers and points that you will collect along the way. The evaluation will take place in the main hall on Sunday.

From the last year we gathered a good dose of knowledge and experience, so this year you can look forward to something a bit different. Something like “20% more LARP” 🙂

Below you will find a short summary of the last year’s event. If you want to know more, the second video is the complete report. The first part is dedicated to LARP and the other one to the con itself.