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Closure of bank transfer payments

Important announcement about bank transfer payments!

  • If you still don’t have your ticket and you want to pay it via bank transfer, do so now! 
  • The option to pay via bank transfer will be disabled tonight and only PayPal payments will be possible.
  • Orders via bank transfer must be paid until Wednesday. All unpaid orders via bank transfer will be cancelled on Wednesday evening!


In case of questions, please let us know to email

Tickets are on sale now!

The year 2014 was when the things escalated the first time. In 2015, we’ve begun anew, to brighten up the things! Year later, there was a void, for bigger things were to come.. And that void of time is finally over! It is year 2017 and the tickets for the 3rd Czequestria are now available!

LARP results

Hi everypony!

Did you enjoy our LARP? If yes and you would like to find out how many points your team has scored or in which order has teams arrived to the final checkpoint then hit the link bellow!

Now for the cool stuff. The total number of groups was 21 and the game had 124 participants. Everybody has attempted to save Spike. The time difference between the first and the last group in the finish line was almost 5 hours while the group’s start time did not take effect on this. If you would like to know more interesting facts and info, then feel free to tweet me (@tomaspre)!

The story as well as the instructions in Czech language are my work while the books that you’ve been collecting throughout the game were provided by Rivel Arosis (Thanks!). Translation has been done by Frolda and pipa, proofreading by Cwossie and pipa’s sister. Puzzles were invented mostly by D’Artagnan, checkpoint tasks were my creation.

In case that you’ve feedback for me, please let me know! Be it through Twitter or via feedback form, that we will send out shortly via email.

Thanks to every one of you for participating and helping!
Table with the results is here!

Czequestria announces Josh Haber!

Czequestria 2014 has changed a small part of history in our little country by presenting this type of unique convention fully in English language as well as bringing various foreign guests to Prague! It was based on a joke we made back in 2013 that turned into reality.

After Czequestria 2014, everybody was already looking forward to the next one while joking about our future guests. And as last year we’ve decided to break the boundaries that many thought were impossible to reach, yet here we are, at this very moment, when we are very proud to announce our next Guest of Honor!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fillies and Gentlecolts, please welcome My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic & Equestria Girls mini series script writer – Josh Haber!

Let’s list the episodes that have his signature – It’s the Season 4 Castle Mane-ia, Simple Ways and Leap of Faith! In Season 5 he is behind the episode Bloom & Gloom! But it doesn’t end there, his script-writing is also to be found on Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks mini episodes – Hamstocalypse Now and Pinkie on the One!

Before the My Little Pony he has written the script for 2 episodes Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters cartoon as well as starred on screen in a movie “The Assistant” as well as in TV series Everwood and Gilmore Girls. A person of many talents indeed!

LARP section

The LARP section has just been unveiled! It contains information in regards to the starting time, place as well as how it is going to look like and why to attend! You will easily find out that there is no reason to be afraid and in fact, that it would be shame to miss such an opportunity to explore the city as a pony! This year’s edition will be a bit different from the last year’s.

If you wish to change your LARP attendance, be it from No to Yes or reverse, let us know on email at

To browse it, just choose LARP from the main menu. Or this link will take you right there.